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Downloading Arena Files......

Jun 19, 2009
Ok so lets say I am playing my account on a new computer. It took forever to load up. I was waiting JUST FOR PVP FILES. And it downloads everything else In which I don't have any interest currently. Now it loads everything else, and I'm like when is pvp files coming? Or if you call them patches. Well after the spiraling thing with the files/patches is gone [ middle left on screen ]. I tried going in rank and guess what it said?

Downloading Arena files..... Please wait a few moments and try again. }

I waited for 20 minutes. Tried again. SAME WINDOW POPS UP . I want to pvp, NOW! Give me a solution, ugh! Please :-( :-(

A very impatient, pvp'er,
Travis Smith Fire 50
David Deathblade Death 42

:-( :-o :x :?