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Don't Fix It If Nothing Is Wrong With It!

Sep 01, 2012
I find PvP extended to the maximum with it's updates. The intention of the Reshuffle change was to make battles less long and grueling. One is enough.
There may be some Privates out there complaining, But I don't PvP for a reason. Just simply for fun.
People are going mad over these Commander robes, And I feel that is what the problem is. Don't get me wrong, I want one, But don't feel I need one. What you are saying is this: "Fix is so I can get the Commander robe!" No, Nothing should be changed. Some people are going so crazy over these robes it's turning into "Good Match" And a handshake, To raging anger when you lose a match.
I believe PvP is made for fun and shouldn't have such a cluttered result.
~SabrinaMisty, The Koolest Kitty around!