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Do not cast these spells!

May 28, 2009
Do not cast these spells: Treth reduce spells( subdue, calm......) In PVP, players can cast spells to any players so threth cards only works( well, not really works) to CPUs. Stun cards: Stun won't work. I casted stun spells on monsters too but they are not petrified ( unable to move) So, it will not work on players. I hope what i said is right.

Colin Legend Gem Myth.

"Control the mythology, controled the futur and the past."

The myth sage in my team : I got every sage of all elements ( they are my super good friends and allies, so we builds a team).

Feb 15, 2010
Electric.Stun does work in pvp,Yet it sometimes works on NPC's. Thus lead to chain stunning...