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Disturbing Rumor...

Jan 05, 2010


I heard a rumor today that has me and many of my in game friends worried. It is about a possible rank reset and more importantly resetting of the win loss ratios many of us have worked hard for and devoted our time and money to achieve.

Personally I have 1400 wins on one of my characters and would be devestated if that was reset by your company as I feel it is something I have earned. Any tampering of the win/loss stat I fear would put me into a minor depression and be the one and only thing that would ever turn me away from this great game.

In light of your suggested pvp changes I think a few words from you guys specifically about resetting win/loss ratios would be comforting to players like me who have spent years to try and obtain.

Sry for being dramatic but this is a big issue in my circles...


In the past it was our intent to reset PvP ranks on a regular basis.

Though we have no plans to reset the PvP ranks at this time, we may do so in the future if updates to PvP require a reset.

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
Professor Greyrose wrote:
In the past it was our intent to reset PvP ranks on a regular basis.

Though we have no plans to reset the PvP ranks at this time, we may do so in the future if updates to PvP require a reset.

Oh, phew. I was terrified when I heard about the rank resets

Jan 05, 2010
Ty for the repy,

Just wanted to point out that the win/loss records have nothing to do with the pairing system and many people would be upset if what we worked hard to "earn" was also erased in some generic reset.

I understand the game may need a rank reset at some point but I would ask that you guys consider the feelings of people like me who have put years of thier lives into these win/loss ratios.

You have invited us to share our views about pvp and this is a major concern of people I play this game with and should be considered in regards to any reset.

PLz protect our win/loss ratios in the event of any pvp rank reset

Jul 28, 2010
Wow that is shocking. Um I guess I wouldn't be too upset, though it would be very annoying having to earn my rank back.

Dec 23, 2009
no no no greyose plz no reset i worked so hard for my rank and i would quit wizard101 cause i love pvp and i would be so mad and i will be sending very angry emails to KI and many other will too so i would recommend not to reset it. i would stop subscribing and not buy crowns and tell my many friends on facebook and such to stop also

Mar 10, 2012
As it might be horrible for you, people can benefit from this rank reset. However it would be ashame to waste all that time for nothing.

Nov 05, 2011
Thanks Professor, once I heard this on Wizard101 Central I got extremely concerned.

Thanks for setting this strait 8)

Pvp Captain Cat, and crew

Mar 08, 2009
buddy you dont know what you just done to me there as the record holder for most ranked wins 2481 wins right now i think i dropped a tear to the floor there rofl but on the flip side they have reset ranks in the past 1st time was a bad boo boo they reset everyone to 500 rank and it put lots of lower skilled people with lots of higher skilled people they said they would never reset to 500 the next time if you was over 950 rank then you got reset back to a 950 rank but if you was under 950 you got set to 500

Jul 14, 2009
I wouldnt mind a rank reset, currently my Death Wizard level 80 has a record of 455 wins and 335 losses as a commander, and a fresh start would be nice because most of my losses are from when I was a low level.