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Diego decisions have no reasoning

Jun 28, 2009
I did a 1v1 tourney. Won all my matches except the last match. I ended up facing a jade ice, I was only 90 at the time so I had no shadow however I had her healing the entire match she wasn't even able to hit or set up since I stacked millions of weakness on her with lore and normal ones. Anyway it's down to about 2 minutes she's healed pretty much all her health back. In the little time I had I brought her to half health my health was like at 75% hers was about 50% ok she hits me once I still had much more health. She heals her health is more then me I hit her and my availing hands I put on a round earlier heals me. That pointer thing that shows wt side Diego is on more was perfectly in the middle on yellow. He chooses her wt bugs me more is how she said I would of won anyway cause yes I did complain about his decision. Why you may ask? Well because I hit more I got her to the point where she would of died from a wand hit she spent the entire match healing she only hit once thou not once did she ever have me close to half health, and I would of won had there not been a timer I honestly think if you heal that needle that shows who Diego will pick to win if the timer goes runs out should go red a little to who ever healed. Just wondering wt people think about the Diego timer thing in tournaments as well as if you think his decision was fair?

Jul 11, 2013
It is what jade people do .... all they do is wear jade gear, heal, and/or set an attack pretty much.
Sometimes, I see that Diego's decisions are like, completely wrong and unfair. My opinion on the timer: there's no need for that.

ExaltedHarbinger of Light

Oct 22, 2009
I have been watching Tournaments as well to figure out the win/loss decisions, and it baffles me completely.

I have seen good and bad decisions on Diego's part.

Knowing that KI does not hint at how things work or percentages in boss drops etc., it would still be interesting to hear some factors on Diego's decisions.