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Diego decisions and reshuffle

Aug 19, 2012
Ok KI. I understand there is no perfect model for judging these tournaments. Heck, even real life sporting events they tell you, don't leave it in the hands of the judges. However, a lot of characters have now found out that if you get to where there is going to be a decision, even if you have gotten your tail kicked, all you have to do is reshuffle on the last round and Diego will almost always call in your favor. I'm guessing you are using some calculation as to what is still available for each player to cast in your decision so if you reshuffle, even when you have been losing and have little life, he is calling for you. That's ridiculous. You need to figure out a way to see if its really late in the fight when they have reshuffled and then not take that into account, because if not its just a cheap move to boost points that isn't really helping you to be able to win other than by decision.

Oct 15, 2010
Also, I won third place in a tournament because of bad decisions by Diego (in my favor.)
I lost first match by decision. Ok.
Lost second by decision. Ok...
Won third by defeat.
Last match, I have <500hp left, there is a doom and gloom up, my enemy is out of pips. Suddenly sanctuary shows up (I have tons of pips) and I use it. Next round dryad shows up. I heal to full 3,600. I hurt my opponent down to 3,000 in the beginning. Diego picks me. Isn't that unfair? A lucky heal means I would have won that match?