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Diego choosing the victor in PvP tournament.

Apr 17, 2009
I was spectating a friend of mine who had 3 matches with the same guy in a row,The 1st match it was pretty close but the enemy ended with less health with my friend at almost full health and my friend hit more, Diego somehow claimed my friends enemy the victor. The 2nd match my friend won by defeating him. The third match made absolutely no sense, The enemy down at 900 health and my friend at 3,500 he had landed too criticals, multiple hits, and the enemy used poisons and dragons, but only about 2 of each, Somehow the enemy won with low health and no pips left, How do you take account who's the winner in PvP Kingsisle cause these matches didn't seem fair in my opinion.

Level 90 -Miguel
Level 67-Miguel
Level 40 -Miguel

Nov 26, 2011
I agree, it just feels like this:
Person 1: 500/4500 HP
Person 2: 2500/3600
*Diego pops out and declares person 1 the winner*
It needs a serious fix.

Sep 09, 2012
I saw two people do tournaments. One person had 2,300 health the other had 3,700. She 2,000 health person won. But I heard other people SAY she was gonna win. Someone is bound to know.
Emma Emeraldsword lvl 53