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Death+ what is best for pvp Im thinking Death Strm

Mar 07, 2013
So which one is it? Death Life Death Storm Death Ice or Death fire. Honestly Death Fire looks the coolest, but i'm not sure.

Nov 19, 2014
school of ice best at pvp (good at tournament) higher advantage with armor pierce because armor pierce jewel (also now have snowball barrage is highest AoE damage spell then Storm Tempest Spell) In Witch Hoard Pack (ICE best Snowball Barrage Treasure Card (cost of: 105 ice damage per pips) in that Witch Hoard Pack!

so, snowball barrage cost more risk for others school because school others expect of Abominable Weaver or Frost Giant!

BEWARE OF SCHOOL ARE USING BOLSTERED WARD AMULET (they can enchanted shield) trying face a level 110 wizard!

Ice As getting Better In Quick Match because of High Advantage of ARMOR PIERCE (IF ARE using Max Level 110 Ice) good with either second ice or storm or myth or balance or death!

when I did tournament with mine ice (most all mine tournament win teammate all from school of deathor ice

Jun 12, 2009
Just train up to tower shield in ice weakness in balance and depending on your level the two -70% shields