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Death School is NOT OP

Apr 08, 2011
Guys, the death school isn't over powered! Please stop saying it is, the power is sort of average damage. Bleh :|

~Melissa&Jasmine, Life&Ice

Dec 11, 2011
Stop saying this? The only school being complained about being OP is Ice. Self school centered much?

Jul 13, 2009
People will always say someone is overpowered. It happens with Death, it happens with Balance, it happens with Storm, it happens with Ice, it happens with Life, it happens with Fire, and it happens with Myth, it happens. Schools get changed becase other people weren't willing to fix their deck to counteract it, fights are started over the thread because all people want to keep their advantages or get a new one against the school they don't like. They never seem to make a wizard for that school to see how much they need the advantage they are given. Ask a Storm wizard how much they died before they got their good spells (gennerally MS or DS if you ask me) or without crown gear and they should say a lot. Ask all the schools who are called overpowered if they think they would do half as well without thier advantages, and they would most likely say no, unless they figured out the worlds greatest strategy.

Point is, there will always be those who accuse schools of being overpowered. All we can do is trust KI's judgement to do what is right for the game.

Amber Stormsong Level 66 Diviner

May 24, 2009
Mar 13, 2011
No school is overpowered. If I had a penny for each post like this one I would be rich by now. Just ignore whoever says something like that.

Apr 24, 2010
death overpowered? The only school that is overpowered is storm and ice . The school left in the dust is life and death. Enjoy the knowledge

From, Corwin trollleaf, Level 70 life wizard

Jul 28, 2010
The real problem is too many noobs go about complaining on how a school is overpowered. -.- 80% of the complaints are from privates who don't know how to pvp. Legitamte reasons for how a school is over powered I will except.

For the last time stop saying storm is overpowered. Damage wise it has a lot of power but in pvp it is generally seen as the worst school to pvp with in high lvl 1v1. :?

Apr 08, 2011
Well, probably a third of the posts I've seen complaining about OP schools is death.

Mar 10, 2012
I only seen one post regarding about death's power, no one else. I have no idea what message boards your reading.

Feb 03, 2012
Death is no where near overpowered, it's an average good all rounded stragetic school. I've never even heard of anyone saying death is overpowered, never, until now that is.

Jun 13, 2011
Listen guys!
To tell you the truth every school has it's advantages!

School -- Ice -- --- Fire -- -- Storm -- -- --- Balance -- Myth
Strong -- Weak -- Great -- - Good -- -- -- - Great -- - Great
Heath --- Super -- Normal -- Normal -- -- - Normal -- Normal
Defence - Great - Normal -- Good -- -- -- - Good -- --- Good
Hard - -- Normal - Normal -- Normal -- -- - Hard -- --- Normal

Healing schools!
Under average damage
Normal health
Normal Defence
Normal (hard to learn)
Super Healing

Good damage
Normal health
Normal Defence
A bit harder to learn
Weak healing

Dec 22, 2008
I think many of you have mistaken the intentions of this post....

I believe the point of the post was not to complain that Death is too weak or too strong, or to say that Ice is OP and not Death (although it's my belief that Ice is getting a bit too strong).... Just to give their OPINION that Death is not OP. (Which is true....)

Apr 30, 2012
lol yeah i think is very annoying if they attack you and heal themselfes lol.

Dec 04, 2010
Like previously stated every school has it's own adaptments torwards the others. Ice had bad power and developed great health, resist, and ability to stack blades. Storm probably has it hardest against ice, because through my experience the fastest way to beat them is through D.O.T. Death has an AMAZING D.O.T. It has access to stack blades like ice, the amulet, pet, spirit, and original. This with a critical will win a game unless the opponent has multiple shields up. Sure death is powerful but everything has it's own checks and balances.