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Death rank pvp how to get to sergeant.

Sep 14, 2019
Hi I'm Tasha wizard

I think everyone forgets how to do rank pvp on a death wizard they can beat ice and life weaver if they summon minions and also balance.

1, if you get 2 power pips in 1 turn and blade use deer kinght spell if the second player summon a ice minion, fire, minion or mander if they are a balance wizard, it will even work of the clock work minion also.

Ice and life wizard at lvl 60 or 62 have to spam minions to win matches it easy to beat those wizards less you over tink it.

Which i do a few times to be often that why I'm trying a different style unlike others players.

I think private should change and try to help each other so do warlords to be honest.

This post is not a hate to Warlords or Private.

Warlord and Private both should treat other players how they want to be treated in rank pvp.

1. If a Warlord really wants a private to say GG in a Rank PVP match shouldn't he or she give the example first so new and older players don't judge him.

2. Some Private say GG when they win but Warlord said they got lucky to win that a little rude to be honest they should say GG even if they lose.

3. All players should say GG win or lose.