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Dark pact and Empower spells

Jun 24, 2011
Death wizards have smallest benifiets from this spells, because we can not use them when we have blades, also with high lvl boost damage can go to 600 at my case, or even more. And other schools, now that tc spells are avaliable to anyone, can use them for like less than 100 damage(ice). My suggestion is to remake that spells to deal moon damage, or something like that. Does anyone agree with my opinion?

A+ Student
Jan 11, 2012
As a death mage, I don't feel these need to be changed. If you're going to use them, then set up for it ahead of time. I understand you can't always predict when you'll need to use them, but with a little preparation, the damage inflicted would be minimal. Perfect example is using Dark pact while fighting Loremaster. You'll hit off weaknesses and get the blade. Also, unless you're in a desperate situation, why would you be using dark or empower while bladed? It's a waste of blades

Mar 08, 2013
So what you're saying is that instead of doing 600 damage to you, you want to increase the damage so you get hit for 800 or so?