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Dark Nova

Jul 15, 2012
This spell just make pvp not fun. Seen people just jade and not cast one spell out there class, just defend and kill with this. Is cheap, and make all classes look the same. Even worst when is death with juju, or balanced with mana burn. Yes. You can beat them. But is just not fun face them.

Is like they felt bad for jade, after give shrike, and this was the way for them to make it up.
Any opinions out there about this spell?

Sorry for the typing. English is second language.

Dec 05, 2012
i don't agree the same with mana burn. but with bad juju and absorbs and shields i agree.

Aug 19, 2012
Totally agree. Death is the best with it. They go full jade and resist pet, have their resist somewhere around universal 80 with 2 90s mixed in. Then they just spam bad juju, reshuffle, spam more and more.
After a while, they throw two feints on you, then just dark nova and boom, your dead, no matter what your resist or shielding.
You can't kill them... not even with shrike, especially if you don't have wild bolt of something really low pip that can do 2 or 3 thousand damage.
There is a reason those gears don't give any attack boost, and with Nova, they don't need it... its like have huge resist and damage but because of the juju you can't hurt them. Way over powered if you ask me.
Also, before all you noobs out there say, oh there is this one specific way you could deal with this... keep in mind you can't build your deck for one specific type of fight... and that is what makes this so over powered, it works on everyone, but everyone else can't build their deck to work on this offense, because they would lose to most other players.