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Critical / block in pvp

Jul 09, 2009
i mainly play on my storm wizard, and even though we have big hits and low accuracy is no longer a problem for us, I feel like we still continue to struggle.
I feel like when I'm playing as storm, I'm an offense player pretending to be a defense person. Yes, critical has been changed to 1.25, but this has hurt and helped us. With the critical changes in pvp, our health hasn't. Now that our critical hits have been changed (which kind of brings me to my next point), we can't one shot or take down half the health of the opponent. And while we're trying to get ready for another, they could have used their shadow spells and one shorted us.
Even though critical has been changed, block may seem to be useless, but in reality it still affects us a lot. I pvp against a friend and they have 60% block and high critical (fire). I can't remember the last time I landed a critical on them, but I do remember all the times they landed a critical on ME due to my gear being 95% critical 5% block. Once everyone can block your attacks, you kind of just feel kind of overshadowed by the other schools in a way. We can't crit, we can't block. I'm not saying change our gear because I know that the game doesn't revolve around pvp.
So either I'm missing a strategy, not getting enough shadow pips to do a good attack in a good amount of time before dying, or the system could use some work. I feel like high critical wizards (especially storm in this case) should be able to 'pierce' so to speak, someone's critical, because of the good block. Opinions?

Dec 16, 2009
Sadly Storm has always been a low tier school in 1v1 PvP and recent changes continue to drive it into the ground. Unfortunately it's problems have very little to do with the critical and block system. Changing that will do nothing to help Storm. Instead Storm needs some serious developer assistance for it to be viable in a large number of areas.

Aug 05, 2013
I completely agree, storm has been brought down, but they should increase the damage on storm since the critical does nothing. OR If a critical chance is 95% and critical block is 75%, than the other 20% of the 95% from the critical should lower the critical block to 55%. making sense? simpler way

simpler way
95% - 75% = 20%.
The 20% from the critical chances power, cuts down 75%
75% - 20% = 55%
thus the critical block has a 55% chance of blocking the 95% chance of crit

Jul 09, 2009
I would just like to add to this as a few more ideas came to my head. Similar to pierce blades, we could have pierce critical blades?
1. People wouldn't get too upset
2. It would need to get pulled (instead of it being a whole new stat)
3. Won't always work depending on your opponent's block
4. Useful for pve too
I would say a good percentage for the blade would be anywhere from 10%-15% block, not too much, I'm not exactly sure about 20% though. The only downside is that if these blades were easily accessible (aka a trainable spell for every school), storm would have 0% block. If the blade was lowered from 5%-10% it could be a storm only spell.

Another idea I had was give storm more damage. If we can barely rely on critical and our damage is anywhere from 100-120 (on average), we should have more damage added to our stats? (10%-20%?) I'm up for all opinions by the way, I'm just throwing ideas out there.

And my last idea, kind of crazy but again I'm just throwing ideas out here, is that say my storm wizard has 105% critical, and my opponent has 43% block. I would crit, obviously, but that extra 5% crit would turn into a Pierce so to speak. So it's basically like having 100% crit and my opponent having 38% block. I think this is a good idea considering how far critical and block have gone. Honestly at this point I can just say every little bit helps.

Dec 30, 2014
first to get this outta the way the critical change butchered certain schools(aka storm) while enhancing others(aka tank ice etc) this change may not seem so drastic to schools not used to doing much damage, but to a storm who has survived since the old age since the days when a critical land lord could actually do somewhere between 3k or the heavy weight 4k and then to be reduced to just barly 2k IF you land and doing just 1 k -1500 on blocks on account to resist it really is demoralizing like enough to bring tears and make a person who spent his life enhancing his storm shed tears for now he knew when ever he met a jade, or a ice, his struggle would have been made worst due to ki's baised views of PvP when many times will tell then Nerf block or make critical more accurate they screw us over even more. This is the pure and god honest truth of the front lines of PvP for a storm wizard.. With Not much health, or natural resist, anything under 60+ can be pierced like butter and the one way we hand to pose a threat now neutralized courtesy of KI..
I even laugh when I see jades spam juju on storm s these days cause truely barely a 1k from a lord is honestly not worth even dispelling. But the horror sets in when people still do this increasing the frustration . Finally I guess I will end this rant with yes. Before getting one shorted by other storms was bad and annoying at times but at least storms were strong they actually posed a threat to ice or juju death turtles, and were worth jujuing or dispelling. Even a shield could help ur storm survive and then return their own killing blow. This encouraged teamwork, storms mattered. Now when u see a storm in rank or otherwise most still in the minimum 4k HP u would go oh lucky me finally a break easy win GG. This game has changed so much and I have kept hoping would get better eventually but the unbalance is so raw , the critical change was a fatal blow to Strom's even if the other schools with 5k + health don't get that.

Dec 30, 2014
Also to further this point this assumption that storms "spamming hits" or "hitting way to much" attacks the very nature of the spells storms are given, being low pip for a good reason, and available quickly due to storm's fragile nature(aka low hp). Now, this applies just as much to 1v1s' to 4v4's "strategy" requires time and ample deck preperation, "time" requires health and resist, "Health and resist" are two things storm wizards have a hard time obtaining, "resist" under 60+ is not enough for storms not in the current pierce meta, "health" max 4796 if the storm is looking to stay a threat, is all they have vs 5k-6985 hp ice, death, myth, fire, etc with usually stable resist and offensive potentials in teact. This is truly quite the disadvantage especially in 1v1. Critical, although having no favorites allowed storms to stay relevant, and still pose significant amounts of a "Threat" to tank shield spamming ice wizards or juju spamming deaths-jades. Furthermore with this Nerf storm has basically become weaker than fire whose health and ample damage is sure to out live a storm in the current meta 3-1 times. The mental frustration is also a factor for many storms in the current meta, going from 3-4k lords with a critical land, to only 2k bare dmg<if they="" can="" even="" critical="">and hitting only 1k or less then being trashed by opponents with vast amounts of hp dealing more dmg due to storm's natural lack of resist, is why storm has started becoming less and less prevalent in rank or otherwise. Add on the merciless dispel trolling and fear brought on by the previous age making storms the #1 target on teams and the tension becomes higher. Its as broken as having a team go first and a team that goes second, everyone seems to be happy about this critical butchering but the small and dwindling storm community but KI doesn't care. no one cares.