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Couldn't Help But to Notice

Jul 13, 2009
Hey there, KI and Message board surfers,
I have played sense 2009 and I couldn't help but to notice that the death school has been lacking in power and every other stat but maybe resist and piercing. But the critical rating and damage output is super low, along with Myths and Lifes. It was actually stated by KI themselves, ontop of KI mentioning that they are the lowest tier, lowest power output, their limited strengths, and major downfalls with the added information that they are actually the only remaining weakest school.
It makes me wonder why even with the new meta they made the new death spell weak like the rest of the shadow monsters death has and knew that they were doing it and even continued with it as far as to make a post about it, exploiting that Death even has only one strong card, and that is Bone Dragon. That card is 8 pips and its the easiest thing to see coming.
The other schools have issues too, but none like death. I dunno, i think it'd be nice to give Death a buff, healing from doing damage isn't any good if you dont do enough damage to gain anything out of it. Not only that, but Kru is legit 830 damage.....I as a fire with the same amount of pips do 1100-1300 base damage. even with Epic on Kru he has only 1130 max damage, that doesn't even top base damage. Not to mention that their critical is low to begin with....so then what.
I recommend a small buff of like 50-300(max) damage to some of the Death spells and adjustments to the gear.
~Thank you for hearing me out people, please respond <3

~Alex DeathCaster Lvl 120
~Arron Lvl 16