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Could the staff of Wizard101 tweak PvP some?

Jul 24, 2010
A problem that Everyone runs into. A player that has wandered off somewhere during the time that you click, 'Go to arena'. The end result, you either just wait a really long time until that person wakes up & leaves match or joins in the arena.

My question to the Wizard101 Staff is this; Once you have say in a 4 vs 4 match, one person does not respond to go to arena, have a timer shorter then the current one and have it set so if the person does not click leave or go to arena, just kick that person off the list. That would speed up the process tremendously!

I often avoid the PvP area due to this annoyance.

If it seems like a reasonable tweak, could you please apply it to both Practice and Ranked.

I see people getting frustrated by this problem when ever I go there & I am sure other people avoid the PvP area for that reason.