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Cool Down timer

Jun 15, 2011
Lately, I've witnessed and been in battles with players that constantly spam spells. And its not just storm using tempest. I've been in a fight where fire wizards spammed smoke screen (learned spell and tc) making it almost impossible to cast a spell, balance wizards spam mana burn, death wizards spam virulent plague, and so on. I'll admit, this doesn't occur often. But it happens more than it should. I've heard arguments that its a good strategy, and I've also heard numerous complaints about it from others. Then again, its not actually cheating in pvp... so nothing is done about it. Well, what about cool down timers for certain spells..? Only in pvp though. I believe this can be very effective. Especially for players that have used their "strategic" method as means for winning every single match. I don't want to seem like a sore loser, honestly, but players that use this method are cheaters in my book.

Aug 25, 2013
for tc use I believe it isn't fair. but if you're spamming you're school version I don't see a problem with it. the point of pvp is to be a team player, and if all someone can contribute is spamming plagues or smokescreens, nothing's wrong with that in my opinion. if you're using Treasure Cards though, then you're most likely using spells outside your school, or outside areas that you've trained (example, i dont mind life mastery amulets, but most people use Rebirth TC. If you trained satyr you can use the actual spell and i wouldn't mind) but other than that I think any strategy is fine and the "cooldown timer" idea would more than likely get many complaints from pvp enthusiasts such as myself. With shadow magic now being added to the pvp arena, it has already caused many ripples to people who have been dueling for a long time, such as myself. But adapting is the name of the game, and the way to be successful.

To sum up, I disagree with this "cooldown timer" suggestion, while I do understand your point, I just wish people would stop using TC in "PRACTICE" at the very least.

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Jun 15, 2011
I don't really care for the use of tc in practice matches. It doesn't affect me, other than possibly losing in that match. I find it ridiculous how players use the spamming method, which is most commonly tc (unless their deck is set up that way) in practice matches. No one gains or loses anything. Ranked matches on the other hand, i'd understand why tc are used. I also understand why someone would use them with a mastery amulet. But you'd expect for pvp enthusiasts to have an adapted skill, whether that skill is using particular gear to ones advantage, or timing attacks that casts weaknesses or stuns afterwards. I'd even say that casting a dispel at a certain time is a skill. But never will i understand spamming. I think of it like this; you don't have a particular skill to carry you through this match. So what you do, is buy and fill your deck with numerous treasure cards. You may even adjust your deck itself where the spamming can continue even after the tc are gone. If i'm lucky enough, I live through this, and can use your lack of spells as a leverage in the rest of the match. Wizard101 is a strategic game. I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one that doesn't consider spamming a strategy. If adapting is the name of the game, then the only players that will complain, are the ones that can't adapt. Plus, shadow magic is not a must use in pvp. if its causing issues for players that have been dueling for a while, they're not obligated to use it. But if others are using it, and its still causing issues,that means someone isn't adapting
To sum THIS up, The use of tc in practice matches is irrelevant... the only thing people will lose, are treasure cards.. which they'll just buy again. And if pvp enthusiasts can't adjust to a cool down timer, their losing the game of adapting. Thus they won't be successful, if that's what you're saying

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