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Complaints don't have to be mean and rude.

Nov 25, 2009
I'm sure plenty of people find it quite annoying when people complain in a rude and insulting manner.

But there are also people who seem to think they HAVE to complain abaout everything and can't say it nicely.

Here is an idea.
For those of you who MUST complain, I will try and give you a way to get your oppinion out in a way that is fun for all who read it.

By now people might have gone back to read something else, but please hear me out on this.

This is a place where you can post your oppinions in song form.
Take a song and replace the words with your own.

Here is an example:

Jingle Bells in complaint form. (Note: Before you read this, know that I am NOT complaining and that this has nothing to do with my oppinion. It is just an example.)

Jingle bells,
I will tell,
How I lost the game.

A Judgement spell came over me,
I think that's really lame.


Jingle bells,
That stinks and smells!
It's so unfair for me!

That is why,
Those from KI,
Should ban that school for me!


(Or perhaps you have a bit to say about someone's complaint?)

A day or two ago,
The forum said to me,
Balance should be banned,
For shooting spells at me!

I say you're a bad sport,
And need a better game.
To just complain I say to you,
I think that's really lame!

Anyway, have fun peeps!

Destiny Dragoncoin, Balance Wonder Wizard!

Aug 14, 2009
Apr 18, 2010
great idea but i cant do that cause i stink at making songs and i dont complain

Jan 21, 2010
That is SO true. most topics are like"BALANCE IS UNFAIR!" ki should restrict topics that have more than a certain number of word that are alll caps cause shouting isnt really nice either

Jan 25, 2010
Yeah, KI should not let posts about people wanting to remove schools.