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Mar 08, 2009
I know everyone should know this and it is that this forum is filled with complaining! It is about the same things, wild bolt broken ( very popular thread ), judgement being too powerful ( very very popular thread ) and everything about a spell that hits too high. The reason why people complain about this is that they want to always win but that is not how it works and in my opinion, I think that they want everything their way, we ALL have to work for what we want. And the fact that people is quitting over this well let me give it to you straight, pvp is meant to challange your skills,teaches you teamwork, planning ahead, and being a good sport. For the problem of people saying that other people get on your nerves just let it go. This is a multiplayer game so what did you expect?. Treasure cards are a problem but it will be dealt with soon, probably when celestia comes out but i don't know. Just work harder and you can be great at pvp.

Jun 19, 2009