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Commander Gear

Jun 10, 2009
After hitting level 50, the commander gear is not worth getting, unless if you're in it for the looks.
How about every 10 lvls after lvl 50, the stats in the commander gear should go up. So, at this point in the game there would be... 5 tiers i believe. So, after lvl 50, the commander gear would start to come with new stuff like crit block and crit, on top of more resist, strength, PPip chance, and accuracy. At lvl 60 more crit, more block, and some armor piercing. I remember when the commander gear was the best gear to get, and it was worth fighting for..... but now crown gear or WW or crafted gear is the gear to get. Why, dont we restore the formal glory of the commander's gear, it would give pvp a new purpose for higher lvls rather than just the rank.

So how bout it?

Aug 23, 2012
It depends on how much stat increases you are talking about. Based on what you are talking about, I conclude that the resist and block stats would end up cheap by level 90.