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Coat of Invincibility...

Dec 08, 2012
First off, I want to let y'all know that I'm not much of a PvP kind of person. Secondly, everyone knows how the Coat of Invincibility is the "coolest robe ever", right? Well, my question is, will it ALWAYS remain the coolest robe available or will there eventually be a cooler looking robe available in some future update? I'm just curious of rather the Coat of Invincibility will or will not always be the coolest robe ever. Anyone know or have a prediction of if Kingsisle will or will not make a robe that's cooler then the Coat of Invincibility? It's been the "coolest robe ever" for a long time (well, I'm not exactly sure when the Coat of Invincibility became available) so I'm wondering how much longer will it stand as the coolest robe ever. Also, can anyone tell me when the Coat of Invincibility became available? I'm curious on when it has came into the game. If you can tell me the date in which it has came into the game, then can you name a specific date as in Month Day Year?