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Coat of Invincibility

Sep 11, 2012
Kingsisle, I'm getting sick of being defeated and what not in pvp. It's really annoying me because I lose about 90% of the time and I'm about to end my membership AGAIN! And I'm mad because all I want is that Coat of invincibility but can I get it? No! Be ause you don't understand that's it do pretty and completely UNFAIR how the boys had it in the epic bundle but girls don't?! And I don't want guardians vestment, I have it and beginning to hate it and I just want the commander robe. I've worked hard to get it and I haven't even gotten past private. If you could sell it from Diego for let's say 150k gold Witt stats? That would be amazing and that's all I really want now. It's the whole reason I bought a membership (that and to level) it mostly that and it's making me sad because I love the artwork. Please Kingsisle...? Thanks so much ahead of time!

Sep 03, 2009
Look, I know how you feel, I have wanted it for a really long time, I am a seasoned veteran of pvp, going from private to warlord, and down, then back to captain, then back to veteran. It just takes time, and KI can't just give everything to us! This is a game! We should work for it and have fun, and anyways, get spud pets, get better gear, farm, and work on your strategy. If you want that coat, you should get it yourself.

Nov 26, 2011
It would also be nice if you could get it once you had 1000 tickets, however not be able to equip it till commander.

Jul 14, 2009
Unfortunately, KI won't offer the robe for gold because it is made for PvP purposes only. 150k gold is very easy to obtain if you have a high level wizard or save your gold. The robe would become pointless in a very short period of time because everyone would have it. The only way to get better at PvP is practice, and if you want to get better it is not as hard as it looks. Watch other higher rank wizards battle and follow the same kind of strategies they do. You can also look up online strategies for your specific class and level that will help a lot. I was stuck between Private and Veteran for a long time but after a while I caught on to what I was doing wrong and I corrected it and now I am a Warlord.

Good luck with your future battles,

Dylan Death, Level 90 Necromancer PvP Warlord
Blaze Fire, Level 72 Pyromancer PvP Captain
Blaze Storm, Level 21 Diviner PvP Commander