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Coat of Invincibility

Dec 23, 2010
Am I allowed to stitch the coat of invincibility? If so, is it a good idea or not?

When I get my coat (and I will) I'm afraid that a "3rd age" in pvp might just show up and I won't be able to use the gear until I rank up. I wasn't playing w101 when the 2nd age came about.. so does KI give you any notice at all? Or did it one day everyone's rank just reset? I know the coat has some amazing stats, but I really love the look, and that's mostly the reason why I do pvp (don't judge D:) So the thought that I won't be able to wear it really kills me since I'm working hard for that 1000 tickets. Give me your thoughts!


Mar 16, 2011
The "first age" of pvp lasted about 5 years or so, so
I doubt a new age will come soon. However, even if it did,
once you have the cloak, your rank doesn't effect your ability
to equip it. (I.e the commander requirement only affects you buying it.)