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cloaking spell

Mar 07, 2013
I have been playing Wizard 101 for over 2 years. I really enjoy it. The only comment I feel I need to make is that there is (as far as I know) no one to explain how to use the cloaking spell. When can I use it and how do I make it work? I just learned about potent trap - did not know how to use that either. I know Diego helps with training but he never explained those spells to me. Thanks

Sep 20, 2008
You're right in that there ought to be a short explanation for what it does in the PVP tutorial. As for what it does, though, it's an enchant that hides a ward or charm, so your opponent won't be able to see what it is. It's useless outside PVP, as NPC enemies don't care about what you have.