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Cloaked Shield Glitch

Mar 05, 2011
On my level 30 balance I fought another Warlord who cloaked a tower shield, now I didn't think anything of it. But I used an enchanted locust swarm and killed him with infallible up. The shield registered as 10%. It showed him as defeated. And gave me and "extra turn". If you didn't pvp a long time ago, there was a thing that it would sometimes give you an extra turn and you just had to pass and that was about it. But now, I thought it was that so I clicked pass. But it turns out that the cloaked shield glitched and made him actually still be alive. He used the Loremaster on me and I died. I could've killed him with a judge I had in my hand. but only IF I KNEW HE WAS STILL ALIVE. KI I don't have many complaints but please fix this.