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Classic mode. Ranked

Feb 16, 2009
So I don't think this is necessarily a new idea but I would love to see it happen simply because personally, I don't like the way PVP is currently, especially for the lover half spectrum of levels.

The idea would basically to have an option of a Classic (tournament rules) mode alongside the "current" ranked matches system. The current state of PVP isn't terrible as I know all of the variables put into it are what bring out so much strategy. I think this is important though because the current state of PVP is very new-character, low-level unfriendly and here's why:

-Pets can be way too overpowered
As this is a large part of Wizard101 and I know that any discouragement in training their beloved money making pets is probably a "no no" but the fact is that it is an extreme advantage when you have a VERY well groomed pet (crit, strength, resist bonus's.. , healing abilities). These take time, money and real money accumulated (and spent) over quite a period of time. This is exactly why though I think that they are extremely discouraging to new players that want to (or are currently) partaking in PVP. New players are left at a huge disadvantage because being NEW means you're still at the bottom of the barrel in this category even when your halfway to 100! Your first school pet and obtainable pets don't hold a candle to the ones later on but because of old or veteran players have made the rounds they can now start over with a way-beyond-there-level pet in PVP.

-Treasure Cards create an unfair game
Simply stated. I know people enjoy their treasure cards and this is why I'm asking for the classic mode next to the current one and not their entire abolishment. It's a different type of fighting. Though, it's also a different form of thinking when you have to think ahead and within your boundaries when you can't just pull out a card at any time or use a high-powered spell instead of a sequence of less powerful ones. This yet again I think is definitely geared toward veteran or old players because of their higher level accounts that have the money to buy and switch "non-enchanted" treasure cards between accounts. They also have a greater understanding of these cards and their accessories since they've trained through the entire game before. This is leaving an entry level PVP player at a lower level (1-50+) in the dusk and completely discouraged after their first PVP battle against any one of these advanced players.

Taking away these two elements would encourage new players to try out PvP because they are advantages really only a veteran player takes advantage of on a second, third or fourth character. A Classic mode would also possibly leave the door open to a more conservative strategy game while also encouraging a dependence on other schools since you wouldn't be able to get it from a treasure card (think more 4v4 piling up).

These are some of my ideas that I'd love to see implemented. Hope you like and share your thoughts! any support would be great!

Jan 31, 2012
I disagree about removing pets from pvp but I do agree about tc card not in rank pvp there a tournament I don't do because no amulet no pets no tc cards so it really unfair to me because I'm a Wizard and that one of my only he heals that helps me others wise I would lose every match.

Amy lvl 95 Love pets in rank pvp and a non tc user because tc is unfair gain in rank pvp.