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Clarification on In-Depth Damage stat calculation.

Oct 20, 2014
Alright, so first off before I get the whole basic damage calculation speech in replies, I want to say that I understand a lot about the damage calculation. There is just one thing I need to clear up. When making pets, their stats determine the outcome of a talent, and what its value is. This value is rounded for obvious reasons. One thing I am currently trying to test, but will take me a few days to complete, is whether or not school damage and universal damage add up before calculation (rounding). This would indeed change statlines, here is an exmaple: Say you had storm dealer, storm giver, and pain giver all on the same pet. Now say storm dealer gives you 10.8% dmg, storm giver gives you 6.8% dmg, and the pain giver also gave 6.8% dmg considering its calculations are the same for storm giver. If you add all the storm damage it goes up to 17.6% dmg, which rounds up to 18%. Th pain giver being 6.8% would round up to 7%. Totaling to 25% dmg. Now, say that the pain giver was added to the storm damage before rounding, it would add up to 24.4% dmg, which would round to 24% dmg. Yes, I know 1% isnt much of a change, but in cases that could be 50 damage that saves you in a match. .As I said, I am making a pet to figure this out, but it would save me time and resources to just get a straight forward answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Feb 16, 2012
As far as I know, stats are rounded and they're summed AFTER rounding. I've found this to be always true.

I'm too lazy to gather any proof but hopefully this post will serve as an additional vote for the "Round before add" answer.

Feb 16, 2012
Sudden realization : Adding up my resists, I can see that 1% is missing. Wards from pet display 15%, +10% from proof and 5% from defy, but add up only to 29% resist, instead of 30%

I think you're right.