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Cheaper Arena Ticket Vendors!

Apr 04, 2012
I was walking along Unicorn Way with my GM Balance the other day and decided to take a look at the arena ticket vendors. I walked over to the little knight gopher guy, looked at what he sold and then looked at the cost...WOAH! Big $$$ if you know what I mean! It is like 7,000 arena tickets for the lvl 90 robe and like 10,000 for each mount! How many hours of dueling would it take to earn all those tickets! I'm not a big duelist, but it seems like those accessories are a little overpriced. This is just a suggestion KI, but maybe you should lower some of those prices so that all the wizards like me could have an easier time getting those awesome items?

David DuneStrider, lvl 52
Colin GoldenStone, lvl 39
Allan IcePetal, lvl 39

Oct 15, 2010
Nah. If you win a tournament you get over 1,000 tickets.

Sep 19, 2010
Yes, the arena ticket vendor you looked at is primarily for tournament users; it takes around 40 wins to get an item that takes one tournament victory to get, with the downside of tournaments being longer and costing crowns. Diego still has most of the normal attainable priced gear.

Apr 04, 2012
Oh...I didn't know that tournaments gave away that much . That explains it!