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Chatting in pvp

May 31, 2009
I searched to see if this topic has come up and couldn't find anything, but it seems to me someone should've asked this question already.

Is there some way to chat without giving your opponent access to see your details?

When I first started pvp I was impressed with how friendly folks were - without fail, people were quick to greet me with HI, or HEY. Nice people, I thought. It took me a while to figure out that they were getting me to talk so they could see my stats - what level and school i'm in as well as my damage and resist.

Now that I know that's why some folks are so eager to say hi, I'm not as quick to reply as I used to be. After all, giving your opponent a view of your strengths and weeknesses seem to be a bit counter productive.

Problem is, when you don't reply, your opponent assumes you are rude. As such, to be a good sport I will reply if spoken to but I prefer to not chat if my opponent doesn't talk first.

Is there a way around this? Is there some way to have a conversation without "exposing" yourself?

While I have little patience for the "you cheat" and "please let me win" conversations, overall I really enjoy the banter back and forth during a battle. However, I completely understand why some folks are reluctant to tip their had and will not participate in any chatter at all.

So, if there's some way to have a conversation in pvp without giving your opponent access to your stats, please let me know. If there ISN'T, perhaps KI can look into disabling this feature in PVP. I guarantee more folks would chat if they knew that their "identity" was safe.


Jul 02, 2009
I personally don't care if you see my gear. I do like to know what I am fighting and what to protect against mainly. I do like to chat and find it interesting. I do know that people will protect the identity of their school. But it is obvious by the pet most of the time.

May 31, 2009
I respect that you don't care if someone sees what you're wearing, but at higher levels I'm sure this can make a huge difference. If someone see's you're resist for Fire, for example, is high, then they would know to stay away from your strength.

Personally, I think you give away a lot by letting someone "check you out" - I just wish there was a way to chat without having to give that info up.


Jun 23, 2009
No self-respecting army in the world will go into a fight without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of their enemy. It's just good strategy. Ever hear of espionage? reconnaissance? the CIA?

Keep in mind this is a two-edged sword as you can also see their information as well. Why not take advantage of it like they do?

May 31, 2009
To your point, Eleventhhour, you are absolutely correct - having reliable "intelligence" is invaluable in any battle. And, once I wized up and figured out why folks were so friendly and eager to engage me in a conversation, I've used the double sided sword to my advantage. But, instead of making this info available to anyone who opens their mouth, I prefer exactly what you were talking about - espionage, reconnaissance, observation, etc. Make it a skill, not a handout.

At the end of the I still wish there was a way to chat without having to "expose" myself. I don't want to be rude so invariably I will reply if someone greets me. But, based on the fact that more often than not I battle in "silence", I'm certain I'm not the only one reluctant to show themselves. If KI really wants to encourage friendly chat and friendships, I think hiding your stats in battle as the default would encourage people to open up more.