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Chain Stunning: my perspective on the "issue"

May 22, 2009
Alright, if you're reaeding this I assume that you are some way affected with the "issue" of chain stunning. I put issue in quotes because it really isn't an issue. For those of you that DO NOT know what chain stunning is, it is when a combination of 2 fire, a fire and a myth, or a myth and a fire use stun repeatedly, so that nobody on the other team can attack, while tank schools such as fire and storm charge up their storm lord a nd dragon and wipe the other team out, while the other team could not attack. It is a very grand strategy, and is hard to excecute, but when used is next to impossible to stop. But that is the thing, its hard to stop, and an easy win for the stunners.

Now that you know all the background info, I can tell you about the true issue right now. Back in the old days, when chain stunning was an issue, when no shields came up, it was basically as close to cheating as you could get. Then 1 shield was added after a player or enemy was stunned. However, this meant that when 2 stunners came into the battle, one could stun and the other could break the shields, and the issue came back forth. I was against chain stunning, until recently. After the recent update, 4 shields were added after a stun, a solution that should have made everyone happy. Stunning was still possible, but was a major challenge. It is now possible to beat chain stunners, because they cant CHAIN stun. But that didnt stop the complaining, and so people continue to name this as an issue.

Now, this upsets me, but the root of the problem here is that many people don't want a challenge. Now that 4 shields are present, it is a fair battle. But people continue to say its not working,and that they're unbeatable, and so-on and so-forth. Honestly, it seems that nobody wants a challenge. This theory of mine is assisted by the Dragonspyre updates, which make the world easier, so that anybody that gets there can get through it, and now its not a challenge, with weaker enemies and easier quests. I aggree that more expeiernce should be added, bacause that does not dierctly make the game line easier. Plus, those Celestia pre-quests that were hard to get through, remeber with the warehouse that was hard? Ya, THOSE GOT REMOVED BECAUSE PEOPLE DIDN'T WANT TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE CHALLENGE OF THEM TO GET TO CELESTIA.But back to the point, if you're 10 like the rating says, for ages 10 and up, you should be wanting a challenge, not just going through worls easy!

One of the worst parts about this controversial topic is the proposed solutions by players. Many are saying that chain stunners should lose their arena tickets and rank. Now think about this, how would you feel if you made a great strategy, people copied that strategy, and then people starting saying that you should lose your arena tickets and rank because it was so good? Come on, thats seriously a bit much. And banning them for using that? Completley out of line.

Honestly, if this were directly making it so you could not defeat malistaire, hit level 50, and beat the game, then remove it completley. But its not, and chain stunners are avoidable. Just play 1v1 if you dont want to fight them. But thats not good enough, people have to fight 4v4 and get beaten by them. They are avoidable you know?

And that brings me to the biggest thing about this, the many strategies and cards out there. If chain stunning gets removed, then what will be removed next! Judgement? Healing? Shielding? Wild Bolt? Storm Lord? Earthquake? Life bbalance and storm altogether? That is what this is leading to, the end of a challenge in wizard101?

I think that people need to step back a bit, and before you post a reply saying that i'm wrong, think about the things i'vev said, you may change your mind about stunning