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Can I go first for a change wizard101

Aug 01, 2009
This game used to be fun- but am I the only one who isn't going first in any pvp matches?? I know it's all about taking turns ect- and sometimes you go first and sometimes you go second, but for 3 days straight, over 30 matches, I have only gone first once! This has totally screwed up my stats, and I just wondered if anyone else is stuck going second all the time.. - I'm just looking for a solution! Everyone knows that the player who goes first has a huge advantage- so why am I going second ALL the time? I think the fairness level has fell through the roof.

Nov 10, 2010
Yea man it is by far the worst part about the game.
Just set a deck more for defense.
Really its the only way to play pvp. and if you get to go first then bonus.
I mean if you have to go first to win then maybe pvp is not for you.

Aug 21, 2009
I went last well over 20 times in a row before myself and thought that was highly unfair eventhough I was a bit more than half of them. Going last and constantly being dispelled simply is not my idea of having a good time.

May 01, 2010
you need to work on you deck construction, like DaMan32 said, but instead of just defense, you need to make it so you are prepared for any situation, like i only have one deck, it has very rarely failed me, and i use it for both pvp and pve. also, there are some very good strategic spots for going second, like, mock battle time:

first player-12 pips, got you trapped up for a major judgement (this will work for an, not just balance)

you- also have 12 pips (hopefully, not sure what school you are/pp%) and you have a tower shield in your hand, you cast it, while the balance passes, getting up to 14 pips. the balance sees this, and decides to break shield, what happens? all those feints, curses, blades, hexes etc. fall down the drain, and you still have full pips, and they are open for an attack, wich you can do 6 rank 4 spells in a row XD

that is just one way, but you really just are having very bad luck

Jul 18, 2009
Lol balance doesn't need to break the single tower shield to still kill a storm or many other classes.