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Bring Level 80-90 PvP back to the game.

Aug 28, 2010
Dear KI,

I have noticed over the course of the last year, how hard it is to get a match at the level 80 to 90
range. Everyone has dropped back to level 1 to 50, and in some cases level 60.
This was a winning PvP era that everyone seems to love.

The High Critical, extremely high Resist, is not popular, and fewer and fewer players are
going in that direction.

So, what is the point of leveling up a Wizard, if no one wants to PvP at that level?

I would really like to see Level 80-90 PvP have a come back, but that won't happen the way the
game is right now. Critical needs to go by the wayside one way or another. The extreme high
resist needs to go away, except for two school resist as it has always been.
Adding more Pierce is not the way to go, because it only hurts the player without Jade gear,
in an unfair way.

The hits now are awesome, damage is excellent, I don't mind the resist growing, but just not
at the rate it has. The Jade gear has generated an imbalance in the Game, imo, and needs
to have adjustments in the game. Yes, we have infallible, and pierce in different spells/TC, but
against a Jade that can heal it off with a boost of around 100% and Guardian Spirit, just
kills your will to want to play pvp.

Maybe all resist limits could be based on the crafted gear/water works gear combos, at that level.
Just a thought.

Anyway, anything you can do to bring back Balance to the PvP world at level 80-90 would be great.
Otherwise, I can see very few, if any, doing PvP at level 101.......

Thanks for reading.