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Boosting Was NOT Fixed!!!

Jun 16, 2012
Since the 4th Age of PvP has started, it has changed the way PvP works. KingsIsle says they fixed boosting, but if you take a gander at the Leaderboard, our favorite booster, RICHARD is on the top... There are also 2 (or 3) wizards at level 1, I would also assume those are Richard's other characters/accounts. I feel this new update didn't fix boosting at all. Tell me your thoughts down below.

Kayla Ironcaller 120
Kayla Fire 50

Jun 17, 2011
You're exactly right, boosting was still not fixed which drives me crazy.

They really should ban Richard and reset his ranks because of how much boosting he does.

Jan 24, 2010
Although I believe this update was a good start, I do agree with you, there still are boosters (likely because they just get new characters) I logged on no more than a day after the update released and I saw a warlord heading to the pvp arena. Spamming also is still there, people can still spam weaknesses, mantles shields, etc.