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best school for pvp matches

Jun 18, 2012
i have been wondering which school is the best for pvp dueling because i am going to make a character just for dueling and i want to use the best school for it!! :-)

Wolf Silverspear lvl 17 Journeyman Thaumaturge

Apr 09, 2011
If it's max level, ice. Get avalon crafted gear and with other gear with resist and a pet with defy and proof and you're invincible to fire and storm, with a good resist to everyone else.

Jun 18, 2012
thank u for the response i can use my current wizard (Wolf Silverspear) to get all of the items, then i will put it in my shared bank. but i will not do it just yet, i will wait a little longer and see if i get any more responses, got it? 8)

Dec 16, 2009
ice is pretty strong life is second best but life is more complicated when it comes to pvp deck builds took me forever to come up with a good deck build
i'm no warlord but i am a veteran and that is pretty decent for me either way if you choose ice or life people will still whine and complain that your OP only means that your doing some thing right

how ever if you do decide to go life i can help you out with your deck but do keep in mind i'm a defensive life player my satyr heals for over 4000
my regenerate heals for 2000 per round and my forest lord hits for 1400
and my bonus incoming healing is 205% and i'm only level 62

May 24, 2011
Storm is very strong but not very acurrate. Balance is great with shields and stuff like that. And life is great with healing and is very accurate. Those are my reccomendations. Caleb DragonBreath lv.16 balance wizard

Jun 23, 2011
Jul 28, 2010
Well what I Say might have some controversy but this is what I see the order in pvp.

Ice, myth, ( life/balance/fire) then (death/storm)

I mean it all depends on how you play. I myself am a death warlord so even though death is at the bottom of the rank it's still possible to get warlord.

Ice would be the easiest to get to warlord right now.

If you like long matches you can be a life wizard though since I fight them a lot I have learned to kill them a lot more. Life only has single hit attacks which is their biggest weakness. So if they go second there is a large chance they will lose.

Storm is a chance school so if you like going by luck then go with storm.

Myth is known for its trickery it will take a lot more strategy to use it right but it will go far if used correctly.

Balance has gotten some great spell from. Avalon making them move up. Though mana burn only works well if you go first. Again it takes more planing with a balance wizard.

Fire is a good school for pvp though it is suffering a lot due to ice's resistance and the lack of good Avalon spells.

Then we get to death. I will tell you now death isn't easy to play in PvP be prepared to work hard to get to warlord. Death doesn't have great damage spells besides skeletal dragon, it also doesn't do well when you try to heal with it. Doom and Gloom is your friend. I have seen so many low ranking deaths try to use life heals or sacrifice, which is ok as long as you are behind. Though to win more matches you will want to use doom.
I am not going to go into more detail for now.

Personally I think storm and death are the hardest to rank up in PvP right now.

If you want more descriptions on any of the schools just ask I would be happy to go into more detail.

Jun 10, 2012
Well, i think that ice is probley the best school for pvp storm secound and balance third . those schools usally beat people in pvp. - megan owlheart

Nov 26, 2011
Jun 18, 2012
Hello everyone i have chosen the school i wanted and i am going to use life and i will use fire as my secondary school. thanks to every body for giving me ideas! Wolf Silverspear lvl 22 Adept Thaumaturge Michael Lifebloom lvl 12 Wizard City Protector

May 16, 2012
i just wanted to add that people who say storm is by chance that is not true cause once you hit a high level 60 plus you can get waterworks gear and other gear that gives you accuarcy and great damage and critical rating so you wont even fizzle alot.