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Best PvP Story?

Oct 15, 2009
Hey guys. The PvP message boards are full of complaints, so i made something differennt . Your bexr PvP story! Here's mine.

Today I was really bored, so I join a 1v1 match. I get matched up with a life and I groan to my self. Well i had on my sword from the Jade Oni and my Commander robe and shoes with my level 58 hat. The game starts and the life shields. Well, i had 10% critical chance and get a critical with link. He shields and link breaks it. I charge up for Efreet but when the link ends he shielded again. I wand it off with another critical. Well by that time I had a fireblade, elemental blade, and a dragoblade from my firezilla. he tries to attack but fizzles, so i attack next. Guess what, it was a critical! Well he knew I only had 10% critical so he got REALLY mad. He logged out instantly and I gained 17 points. :D

Thats my story, lets hear yours!
P.S (Please don't start an argument or complaining, because thats what we're trying to avoid .)

Noah DarkFlame Legendary Pyromancer
PvP Commander

Aug 06, 2010
The FUNNIEST thing that I experienced was when my Death wizard first got Beguile. I've never seen in used in PVP at any level (and had only used it against enemy battles as a Ninja morph) so I added one in my deck.

It was a 3v3 pvp. I had used it against a Myth wizard who apparently forgot I casted Beguile on him. So on the next round, he tried to hit one on our side with Minotaur. And when it turned around and hit his friend, he says "What the?" followed by "Oh, sorry man, sorry - I forgot."
He seemed to go on and on about it - that he couldn't believe he did that. It was a classic ROFL moment for our side.

Nora RavenSong lvl 60 balance
Ellie NightWeaver lvl 46 death
Lenora LionHeart lvl 37 myth
Lenora DrakeMancer lvl 19 fire
Nora SeaStone lvl 10 storm

Jun 27, 2010
ok just to introduce my self XD... Okay. Hello, I am Amber WaterBlossom, lvl 54 Storm.

Ok, my best friend, Paige ( life lvl 52 or 52? ), my sis, Erica ShadowHeart ( balance 59 ), some dude i just met, Ryan Thunderblade ( ice legend ) and I ( storm 54 :p ) were doing a 4v4! :D .... so lolz... Ok so usually i lose at pvp cause I storm i: So i asked all these people i mentioned (obviously ) and we were against legendaries!!! O: O: O: O: O: O: O:

Ok so I had a genious plan, but not so sure it would work. So Erica, Ryan, and me would save all our pips, then Erica would Ra, I would lord twice, and Ryan would do frost lord ( or is it giant o. o ) twice. And Paige would be healing most of the way.

My plan worked! XD.... So now i use this plan in 2v2 and i always win.

Also hopes this helps other people..... No matter what school you are, or level... I have learned slow and steady wins the race, and i seriously mean it!
I am very happy to share some wisdom to the Wizardry World. :D.... So if your young or small, a low lvl or high lvl, this should actually work ( depends on your opponent though XD ) .... So ya............

Amber WaterBlossom ( A.K.A: Random Angel or Am )
( And from all the people I have pvped with )
P.S: hope to join you fellow wizards in pvp someday...! XD...

Apr 30, 2010
Hmm best pvp story thats a tough one. Okay how about this. On my level 59 pyromancer I was battling some random life guy who did not feel like talking no matter how much I said hi, or made another comment, I even told him that I didn't care about his stats because it wouldn't matter even if i knew them. Anyway not the point, since he went first and I have no life shields :( he had me down to about 200 health after the first few rounds (he had feints don't judge me) but I also had him down to about 1000 health and I had enough pips for efreet, but he also had enough pips to kill me. So I wait, I watch, and I pray that he fizzles since I would have dropped a rank if I lost. Well guess what? He fizzled, using a life spell, I thought that was halirious and even typed in lol, gg, until i fizzled :? For the first time in the entire match he speaks! I had been beginning to wonder if he was really a mute that just didn't show on my screen, and what he says is lol gg He was mocking me . Well I sure thought i was done then but then the next turn comes and as I watch his wand carve his life symbol into the air, feeling dispirited that I would have to win two more pvp matches to make up for it,, he fizzled! Now that was halirious. So my efreet spell didn't fizzle and I beat him with only 200 health. He wasn't very happy, but I sure was.

Apr 18, 2010
MY best pvp story was a 3v3. We were fighting a magus life and two legendary storms. While we were legendary fire, balance (me), and a level 48 life. We attack with scald and sandstorm with gargantuan with blades on the second turn. The ice, says, "That's weak stuff son." They end up winning a turn later from double storm lord with blades (some from the ice too.)

The next match, we fight them again. This time, on the first turn I use my Ninja polymorph. The fight goes on the same way but luckily they used tempest with low blades while the other was super blading for storm lord. right before she attacks, I use beguile on her :D. So the ice is trying to act smart and like an expert pvper so he says," Knew it." (If he did he could of told the storm to triton :P.) Then the she says,"Sorry guys, this is gonna hurt." So this lord hits critical with three or four boosts and destroys the other team. There fan in the audience says,"You know you won from beguile right?"
just then my fire is using efreet on the remaining storm, and I respond to the guy,"Yea."
Then he says ,"Good."
And I say ,"Yup, just like they would of won from storm lord, we all win because of a spell."
He gets mad at me and the pvp ends. The two storm girls are nice and say GG and port away, But the ice says ,"Noobs." "You guys are noobs." I port away and say gg but my friend and another in the audience stay. I right click his name and say ,"You know you friends are goodsports, just be like them."
He says "I dont need to be a good sport."
I go "Why?"
He says "Stop talking to me or I'll ban you."
I say "For what."
(here is the funny part :D) He says "I'm an admin, I dont need a reason" I just think ROFL and that second I open up Firefox and search "Wizard101 Admins". Why? So when I say "No your not" and he says "yes i am". I can prove he's not with TRUE facts. I learned about the wizard101 support badge and before I can text him back. I realize its time for my German lesson D:. (I know, not believable but its true.) So I log off and go do that, and to this day, he probably still thinks I left because I was scared of his threat :P.
Luckily though, he does the same to my friends who are still at the pvp, and one of them is one of the smartest people in w101 :).
So from what my friend told me, she reported him, took a screen shot (though I don't know their words.) Sadly, I didn't know posing as an admin was a reportable offense so I didn't report him. Pathetic of me to not know that after my looking up facts too.

Jan 25, 2010
This isn't really the funniest story (forgot loads of matches) but I think it was a lucky one.

When I was lvl59 (I am Fire) I had a lvl60 Ice friend and a lvl60 Storm friend. So we were in a 3v3. Note my Ice friend had over 4000 health. We were versing a Life, Fire(?) and ... a ... I forgot. Anyway, the battle raged on, whenever we hit their Life healed, until amazingly it was down to me. I dont even think I had a shield on. So I was saying 'What!'. Luckily the other people were nice and said 'Lol wow'. So I think they use a huge spell on me and said 'GG' but I survived. Then the next person fizzled. The last person used a wand or something and I was still alive. How lucky! I think I killed one of the people before I died.

Mar 22, 2009
So, once I went to 1v1 pvp as a level 60 death. And this guy kept telling me that he was gonna destroy me. (He was a level 60 myth warlord.) So I said, "okay, whatever". He had like 50 pixie treasure cards so when I casted skeletal dragon, he used a bunch of healing spells. All this time, he was building up boosts and then he used medusa, or I guess it was medusa, but he fizzled. So I used critical skeletal dragon, and he died instantly. So don't get down when people talk, because it usually means that they can't fight. I mean, he didn't even get to attack. So until the next post, Peace out!

Jack Dragonrider, Legendary Necromacer, PvP Warlord

Aug 13, 2010
I have a funny story. I am a Legendary Thaumaturge, and I went up against a Legendary Sorcerer. We Blade, I shield like the noob I am! We then uses Judgment on me with BalanceBlade, hex, and DragonBlade. (He already took out my shields) and did 3682 damage. Leaving me with 18 health. He said "gg" and so did I. But when I lived, I said "Change of Plans" and my minions did a Ice Shark doing 700! We fought and fought. I thank my minion :)