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Best level to start pvp

Jul 27, 2010
I need help can someone tell me when is the best lvl to pvp. I have an ice wizard that's level 56.

Would I be paired against lvl 90 wizards?

What spells do I need?

What gear?

What pets?

What lvl were you when start pvp?

I have a lot of questions about pvp because it's my first time doing rank pvp. Please help!!!!!!

Jul 27, 2010
I want to know what lvl should I start pvp with my ice wizard. My ice wizard is level 56. Please help!!! I'm really confused

Feb 24, 2009
For Ice I would say 68 or 74/76. Unless you want to start a new wizard, in which case 28/30.

For Ice: (74/76, whichever level is crafted gear)
Crafted Hat (AV)

Crafted Robe (AV)

Waterworks boots OR Crafted Block Boots (AV) (Jade Boots work also)

Lexicon Blade or Crafted Zafaria Athame (ZF)

Aureate Band (TotH)

Life Mastery/Myth Mastery (Myth Mastery for Earthquake, garg frogs (minion killer) and garg cyclops (same purpose), Life for easy and quick heals)

Best you can get. Wyrd Oak Staff works if you can get it. Or hoard pack wands.

Best you can get, dunno off the top of my head

The pet with the sharpened blade card once it comes out from test, talents are best as:
Fairy Friend (May cast fairy)
Spell-proof (10% Resist)
Spell-defying (5% Resist)
Sharp-shot OR Ice-Sniper (6% Universal accuracy, or 9% ice accuracy, you don't wanna fizzle your winning hit)
You have a choice here:
Spritely, or Ice-Dealer, or "Sword and Shield" (MC one random shield and blade)

Strategy: I don't know much, I know what I know from watching people PvP (Warlords).

Main ice strategy is bladestack (40% iceblade, 45% iceblade, 35% elemental, 45% iceblade TC, 40% elemental TC, balefrost) then colossal Snow Angel or Woolly Mammoth. Use your minion as a shield breaker, have a heal in your hand at all times, shield against prisms, and spam more shields than you need. Also keep a dark pact or empower for feint-stackers. Those hurt.

That's just what I know, ask a PvP expert though... I'm good at pvp, but not an expert towards higher levels.

Nov 26, 2011
Since your ice, if you wanna PvP on your ice, level to 74-80 and do it then, or you could make a new character and level it to 28-35, if you wanna do that, fire is a good school at that level. For ice, try what Rony the Turtle said. If you wanna do it at mid level, look at some PvP guides at Duelist101 or Wizard101 Central. Not a PvP expert so I can't help much.

Mar 16, 2011
Start at lvl 90.
You will never fight anyone who is a higher level than you.

Jul 26, 2009
I Found ice easy at 30/60/90. It gets tops about every 30 levels or so :) lots of chances.

Feb 06, 2010
chickenhawk100 on Jul 27, 2013 wrote:
Start at lvl 90.
You will never fight anyone who is a higher level than you.
What's the fun in that? Always being equal or stronger than your opponent sounds boring. I prefer when my level 70 (Had to delete him) went up against mighty level 90s and he still showed a promethean how to PvP (Basilisk was awesome). He would stun for 2 rounds with Medusa then blinding light then work up a hit and pound em (It was 1v1 and I had some tricky tcs). 70 is a very nice level to start at in PvP. Then quest a bit and you can get level 76 spells. Or make a noob myth and show puppets how to get beaten (Beating a level 82 fire with a level 3 life wasn't something easy for my storm) But level the myth to 28-30 first. I say any level is fine except for the 50-59 range because of critical.