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Beguile being used by other players who arent deat

May 08, 2009
kazukiangel wrote:
Dear waizard101 staff,
I am joshua my wizards are joshua stormtalon(48 death), samuel windrunner(myth 48), adam shadowcloud (balance 48). joshua (life 50) anyway i have been playing for a long time ago and have noticed players using beguile in 4v4 to turn most seventh spells against there own team. honestly if it was just death using it i wouldnt make a big deal since i would know to beware, but everyone is using it and it just isnt fair to have gold cards of such a card. I mean there is no way to defend against it but that isnt the problem the problem is that if the opposing team uses it lets say on me when i am gonna use fire dragon. the attack is immediatly changed to attacking my own team i find it not fair at all since there is no way to stop such a think from happening and if you check the use of it is growing i lost a match earlier because my allys stormlord was turned against us then when our life tried ot use rebirth on us it was turned against us so instead of healing us it healed them all because one player on there team who wasnt even death used beguile before we could act since they went first.

I am a death wiz and I use beguile. I enjoy timing it and it takes skill. I do agree that school only spells should not be allowed to treasure school only spells and use them in pvp. The bolting and storm wannabes are so annoying but I don't spam with beguile and be cheap so how come they get to be with bolt? Wizard101 what do you plan to do about bolters and shielders cause the spamming ruins pvp.

Wolf stormwraith ,
grandmaster necromancer

Well I am a death wiz and I don't spam with it, I time it to work,it is strategic, and takes skill to time. I agree spamming is lame. but what bothers me is bolters and storm wannabes who just bolt all day. But I think you should not be allowed to use school only treasures in pvp. And also, wizard 101 what do you plan to do about bolters and shield spamming .

As you can see it isnt fair at all as long as my enemy goes first and has enough beguiles they can turn any multiple hit spell against us without even being death since so many gold cards are going around.

i dont even do 4v4 anymore since i know if we dont go first oour spells will probably be beguiled and used against us by some person with a beguile gold card.

May 15, 2009
This is my first post on the site. The obvious answer to wildbolt is sideboard dissipates lol..... if they arent storm, you severely cripple them. If they are storm, you force them to burn wand attacks, or you force them to waste other precious spells. Beguile, single attacks...... Or cast keep your opponent second guessing there strategy. All to often i see people dueling and there strategy is so easily discovered. Once again, dissipate for storm, and try quirking things to keep beguilers confused

Jun 07, 2009
Well if they are a high level enough level to get traning points beguile :? then,lower levels are using cheap treuser cards to get much better rank on pvp than they are, I Wish It Would Stop No More Tresure Cards Allowed It Is Disurbing Players Of This Game.

Feb 23, 2010
I am a death wizard and i have this as a normal card. Whenever I'm in pvp and i cast this spell people call me a noob and they don't even believe I am death (I don't talk in pvp because if i do they can check my school). I think that beguile is a fair spell but, there are many people saying they should remove a spell because they can't win a match. The wizard has worked hard to earn the spell, while the treasure card may be unfair, I think beguile should still be used as a real card, not removed from the whole game.

Dec 23, 2009
kazukiangel wrote:
Does no one think beguile is becoming annoying as a gold card and its affect shouldnt be activated same turn? it puts a extreme disadvanatge in 4v4 if your second
I agree completely

Feb 14, 2009
TKDECH wrote:
Bombfish wrote:
A lot of the 'control magic' stuff doesn't have a place in PvP. Pacify, Taunt, etc, doesn't work. Yet Beguile is somehow okay?

It's the sort of thing that needs to be all-in, or all-out. Storm would have a reason to use its minion if Taunt actually worked.

Agreed. Btw, storm minion is usually used for sacrifice and gaining 4 pips.

So your saying use 3 pips for minion, then use 1 pip (making 4 used) to get 4 pips back?

Dec 24, 2009
Bombfish wrote:
A lot of the 'control magic' stuff doesn't have a place in PvP. Pacify, Taunt, etc, doesn't work. Yet Beguile is somehow okay?

It's the sort of thing that needs to be all-in, or all-out. Storm would have a reason to use its minion if Taunt actually worked.

actually i have the storm minion and it does work it makes enemies attack your minion not you,but it doesnt work in pvp because you cant control the enemy players mind lol

Jul 27, 2009
ok, people stop complaining about people COMPLAINING. that is getting annoying. ok, i really dont think that people should be able to use treasure in pvp. beguile, i NEVER use it. i ONLY 1v1. it doesnt work that well for me. treasure bolters, treasure shielders, etc, etc. i cant stand the list. please KI, take away treasure cards. and you people who are complaining about complaining. get over it. i fully agree with these people who you think are wasting their time. i am death, so you might not think i am a warlord. your wrong. i am a warlord. i am working towards overlord (i been told it exist). but really, i am passing time trying to complete a goal while i wait on celestia. DONT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT BEGUILE IF YOU ARE FIRE, STORM, OR USE TREASURE CARDS OF THE STRONGEST SPELLS. there. i let that out. wasnt complaining, just letting out THE TRUTH