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Basic starting PvP tips, if ur have a hard time.

Oct 10, 2010
When you enter the Match, you are there for one purpose…. to Win as fast as you can….you are not there to relax. Lock yourself in High Gear, Fast Pace for the duration of the Match.

First piece of advice, stay out of ranked until you have your deck and strategy setup.
The deck needs to flow and counter those across from you.
(This will be formed in countless battles in Practice PVP, where you see other strategies). Learn how to use the cards you have to form Combo attacks, and to defend yourself correctly at the correct time.

Second piece of advice, Craft your equipment if you don't want to visit Hades on a daily basis. I normally use a combination of crafted and Hades drops. If lower level, you can always use Crown and crafted for a solid setup.

Third, start a garden so you can bring up a solid pet, with May cast Fairy, etc. Many plants drop Mega snacks, and these can save a lot of time.

Fourth, Turn off all chat bubbles and windows when you PVP, if your chatting, then your most likely not paying attention to what cards you have played or what's around your head, etc. You need to know what cards you have left, and if you need to reshuffle.

Fifth, Balance your deck, so you can go on the Offensive or drop back and go defensive, whenever the case calls for it. Use your Side Deck, it is critical, as it can cover your weakness, or could be used to generate an aggressive fast attack, etc.

Sixth, if a minion shows up, kill it with a low pips attack, and do it fast.
I have watched countless matches where the minion has turned the game around, and helped their side win. Minions don’t have to be killed that round, but a minion should not be left on the field too long.

Seven, If they put up more than one blade - remove them or counter them.
If they put up traps, counter the traps, as fast as possible.
If they put up a Global, counter that Global with your own, etc.
This is where deck flow comes into play, you need it to flow smooth, and
discarding fast, helps a great deal.

Eighth, and most important in my opinion, be aggressive... being aggressive means that
you go all out in the match, to win no matter what. Dig hard for the cards you need,
figure what they are trying to do and stop it. Guess at what their next few moves will most likely be, and dig for the cards fast to counter it...... Scan how many pips they have, how many blades, how many traps are on you, etc, etc. This is the key to what you
need to do next. I play much more aggressive from second, this is one of the keys to winning from second, I believe.

I have a simple rule I follow, I discard four cards every round.... any card that I may not need in the next two rounds is discarded (except for a shield and/or a heal). Why, so you don’t end up getting a Bottle Neck time in your deck. You cannot just keep cards you may need, it creates a stall, and you may not get the cards you really need.

Try out these very basic starter PVP rules, and see if they help and let me know.

Oct 22, 2009
Not bad advice, however this is more useful for the high level PVP, especially the all out early and discarding cards.

Lower levels would have a hard time attacking early and consistently, especially when they have to discard to find them. Should the opponent survive the initial attacks, they can counter effectively, and would have the pips to do so.

I do tons of low level PVP, so maybe I can help with the low level strategies a bit in a new post.