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Basic question-where do all these spells come from

Oct 11, 2009
I've just started playing Wizards. I'm more interested in the PvP dueling than anything else. I leveled a pyromancer to 10 and have taken part in a number of PvP matches. I'm getting a little discouraged as I keep seeing people use spells and I don't know where they are getting them.

Last night I logged out after someone defeated me in one shot with what I think was Wild Bolt. After doing some reading, I assume this player converted a regular Wild Bolt to a treasure card. Ok, so you can do that for 50 gold. I'm level 10 and he had about the same hit points as I do. I'm assuming he was somewhat similar in level. How did he get Wild Bolt? I don't see it on the school trainer.

I've also seen this with other spells. Someone was hitting me with a debuff for extra death damage, then themselves with a buff for extra death damage, and then banshee for almost all my health. I spoke some with this player and he was 10th level. I looked on the death school trainer and I don't see either the buff or debuff.

Obviously, I need to be looking somewhere else for spells. Are these folks getting them from booster packs? I assume they aren't buying these things straight out as treasure cards for level 10 duels. I dueled the second player three times and he must have used at least 9 of the buffs and debuffs.

Thanks for the help.

May 02, 2009
Some of the spells your seeing are school exclusive spells.

Wild Bolt is a spell only storm wizards can use, but lower level wizards use it in PVP for easy wins.

Blades and traps, minus elemental & spirit blades, elemental & spirit traps, and some other school traps, are school specific, meaning that only certain schools can learn them, but they can be made into treasure cards, & some trainer spells are in amulets, robes, boots & hats.

Remember, Ranked PVP matches you up by level, so if you don't like ranked pvp that much at the time, then try some practice pvp, or go make up some combo's to help.

Seth ShadowCloud
Grandmaster Fire/Storm
A good friend.

May 29, 2009

These are treasure cards. And if you're wondering how a level 10 wizard can possibly afford that quantity of treasure cards, the answer is they usually can't.

These people do usually have a different high level wizard that they've been playing or high level wizard friends that are willing to make/purchase these treasure cards for them and then trade them to each other.

And yes, you can make your own treasure cards by buying relatively cheap keen eyes or tough enchantment cards and applying them to spells that you already know (or in this case, spells that another wizard already knows).

Welcome to the world of W101 PVP where some people want to win at all cost.

Oct 11, 2009
Thanks for the info. I do see that most of what I've been seeing are school specific spells. When I can get an opponent to talk to me, I can click on their name and see their stats. Is there another way to do that during a duel?

Last night I also noticed that one of the wizards I ended up dueling was level 24 (to my 10) and ranked 243. I guess that is the down ranking I've been seeing people post about. Why do people down rank?

Its a shame that people can down rank and use treasure cards. It seems more than half my losses are getting clobbered by someone way over my level or Wild Bolt. It is quite frustrating.