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banning enchantment cards?

Nov 10, 2009
a few months ago, complaints about treasure cards were just argument on message boards. today i saw this post saying KI is going to ban enchantment cards for real.
i presume this matter is started with complaints from people who lost to enchantment card users. and listen up you all who complained about this are all SORE LOSERS.
people who use enchantment cards are SMART, they know the strength and weaknesses from each school and they deserve to be warlords. i personally have lost countless times to them, but i am not a sore loser, i learn from each of my losses.
i think most of you who addressed in your complaint is mostly about Bolts. well i tell you can you get pass bolts in arena. get the strom shield amulet(rotandus tork), but one thing i dont understand: why do we have to get this amulet at krokatopia? MAKE IT IN WIZARD CITY, so everyone can learn how to defend themself against bolts. but my point is clear, YOU SHOULD NOT BAN ENCHANTED CARDS. people who use them are smart, they know how to play, i didnt know how to deal with them but i do now, and so should all of you who complained.
another thing about bolts is if it hits you twice in a raw, that is most likely put you on the losing side. my suggestion is: make a BOLT BLOCK spell like stun block, if you are hit by bolt you get a bolt block so that the other person cant bolt you twice. as some people said only mass bolting is cheap. but i repeat myself again, YOU SHOULD NOT BAN ENCHANTED CARDS.

now i bring you the cons on if you ban enchanted cards. you see how many life players are there? you think how many of them play pvp? what they gonna do if you ban enchanted cards? life warlords in 1v1 are TRUE MASTERS at pvp, and i respect them so very much. and all of them use ENCHANTED CARDS, if you ban enchanted cards, they will all be upset and so will i, cos i will miss fighting all them, they give you good fights.
now another case where you shouldnt ban enchanted cards. imaging you in a group of 4 fight against 4 storm grandmasters and they are going first. how on SPIRAL do you beat them without the help of ENCHANTED CARDS? you tell me, assume all of you have the same smartess and same lvl, how do you beat them without enchanted cards? you can get a super computer and hope it to work out an answer for you but i assure you, you wont get answer. you just simply cant beat 4 grand storms without ENCHANTED CARDS.
if you think the cases i am talking about are rare extreme cases, then you should stay in arena for a bit more and see for yourself.

in conclusion i would deeply upset and i am sure most of other GOOD players would too if KI bans enchanted cards. and i think putting storm shield amulet in wizardcity and create bolt block would solve this problem. and i think KI should lower the price of tower shields in library so all players can learn how to defend themself against judgement. think about the consiquences of banning enchanted cards. if you ban enchanted cards today, whats they going to ask you to ban tomorrow? ban storm lord spell? ban the whole storm school? then ban judgement and ban it all
if you think each school should specialise in their own way of dueling, then yes you have achived this, by creating the power pip system you have successfully achived this, all schools should use only their own school spells. but you have to really understand how other schools duel in order to really take your place in the warlord list. and you achive that by using enchanted spell cards
end of my speech thank you all very much.