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Ban Treasure Cards in PvP only.

Sep 17, 2010
Now before all you people have a hissy fit and start your temper tantrums, listen up. I've just joined about 3 weeks ago and from all the posts I've seen on the forums about pvp a lot of people are complaining about the treasure card versions of cards. There is a simple solution to this issue. Remove the "Draw" button from the UI in PvP/Arena. There! Problem solved. If you want to pvp with other school's spells then you should have to sacrifice your training points to obtain those spells. So KI would you please silence all these complaints with one simple action, and make treasure cards unable to be used in PvP duels.

I don't care what anyone thinks about this but if you want you can post. This is my easy solution to what many people have seen as a big problem. No treasure cards in PvP will limit players to the spells they have earned. Not the spells they've bought from a merchant. Just some food for thought KI for your next patch.

Aug 21, 2009
this is too much of a boost to balance school which has reshuffle while the other schools do not... treasure cards are fine, but which treasure cards are obtainable at the bazaar is not at all fine... many of the treasure cards that are easily obtainable at the bazaar should be removed from it

Aug 21, 2009
I would suggest removing treasure cards from the bazaar entirely. In terms of crafting anyone should be able to learn to craft any card that is required by any sort of quest or as an ingredient to any craftable item.

The bazaar simply makes things unfair in terms of treasure card use. The library is fine as it currently is, the bazaar is not. Another solution would be to require characters to be of the school of the card they wish to buy at the bazaar and to disable the recieving of treasure cards that are not of your school through trading. In terms of crafting, any school should be able to learn card recipes, or the housting item recipes should be changed to not requiring school specific cards.

Jan 05, 2010
may i point you to the non ranked side of the arena? to the right --->. if you cant stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

Apr 28, 2009