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Ban friends teaming in ranked pvp.

Mar 21, 2009
I would like to express my anger towards the friends teaming section in the ranked pvping. The fact of the matter is every time I join a random 4v4 team match I end up battling a team of all friends who have already planned out there moves. Such as combo stunning, combo attacking with the new spell cards, several other people using rebirth on the same turn. I have lost my rank completely due to this.
I would like to sepparate the friends teaming and the random teaming sections. I do NOT want to ban it from the game in all. Every post will help, I am hoping one of the game developers will notice some of the complaints toward this and hopefully put an end to it. Thank you for taking your time to read this and have a nice day. :-)

I realize where you guys are coming from, but all the players that do not have enough friends online, or any that are willing to join you for a 4v4 pvp or whatever you plan on doing will drop rank and not be able to buy the items from Diego. Us all being members we should have a right to be able to be able to work to earn that.
All of you that are posting have the people you will team with arranged, others do not. My point is that other players would not find it fair enough. I am not suggesting banning it in all. I am simply suggesting that the friends’ section is used only for friend teams and not have anything to do with the random ranked match making system.
I would also like to note that you all mentioned the pvp being about teamwork, which is truer than anything about pvp. But how can you do teamwork if the team has already planned out every move ahead of you and figured out how to set up combo stunning, several rebirths a turn. Ect. Many of you enjoy this section I realize that. But you have to understand that this game needs to be made fair. Thank you once again for your time. :-)

Mar 11, 2009
I am sorry but I would have to disagree...

I have been in some fights and have been defeated in a big way by these friend teams and they totally impress me. If I am going to be beat I want to be beaten good LOL.

The co-ordination and skill some of these teams show is amazing. I usually talk to them after to let them know I was impressed.

I can see you are frustrated, maybe you could get together with a group of friends and fight fire with fire, or ice, or storm, well, you get the idea LOL

But remember, this is just my opinion :-D

Dec 15, 2008
It is called team for a reason. To use teamwork.

Just as in sports, teams practice together and play together. If this is a problem to you, you should do 1v1 competitions.

I would suggest forming your own team.

Feb 09, 2009
I would also disagree. I wouldn't do ranked team pvp at all if I couldn't do it with my own team mates.

Team work is the great equalizer to not having enough levels or hit points.

My current team is team moon. This is my family members and myself. Who play together as a three person team. We really rock, and that's as low level players. My girl and I have a two person team we play with when the little one can't play with us. We do ok as a two person team. We win far more than we lose, both characters are now knights.

Our new three man team is undefeated. We've just reached veteran level and they're only level 16. Just using good deck construction good team work, and just out playing the other teams we have been able to defeat very high level teams even when we were just all level 10.

Ban teamwork? No.

Join a team, yes!

Mar 07, 2009
I disagree. This is what team playing is all about :-) Get a good team of your friends together and you be kicking some wizards bottoms real fast.

Mar 03, 2009
i will also have to disagree,

My brother and I have been beat several times. We have a really good team. However there is always someone better. With these teams that We face that beat us We take something back to improve on.
Yes not haveing a good team partner is frustating. Been there too. Everyone starts some where. Some have been playing longer than others and have developed there skills. LEARN from them. That is what My brother and I are doing and we are now seargent ranked and moving up. doing well.
Dont forget there is also 1v1 matches if dont like the teams.
I do beleive that the matches in lvls are unfair sometimes. You have a lvl16 and 20 facing 28 and 32. I am glad though the loss of points wasnt that much.

All in all the system is good. dont change it.
thanks and great job in continueing to improve the game
james wyrmcatcher

Jun 24, 2008
i would say find people you like that you could make a team together
the only advantage they have is not from playing together so much as privet chat what they have and what to do to each other but even so they have to have the cards another thing is beaware of what is played not only by them but by your team mate in that like i dont have a good card i will knock a shield out for my partner to get a good hit or if i have a blade i see there going for big attack i give my blade to them

Sep 25, 2008
I say whether your in a team or not, you can still lose and I notice you can only join teams if one player in your team is your friend. Somehow my friend had no friends yet he could join other people.

Dec 31, 2008
In response to your edit, that would be teamwork. Developing a stragety before going into the fight, having a plan in the event their normal routine doesn't work and adapting to the enemies. This is what you have to do.

Now, are they putting it together more effectively then your teams are currently, probbaly, and I'm sorry for that. It'd be nice to have your teams being as well planned out.

Making PVP dueling fair doesn't mean hamstringing people who have gotten there stuff together and are working together. Making PVP fair is making sure that the levels are appropriate, making sure that one school's spell isn't completely overwhelming the game and finally making sure that there is always an answer for a card played. Meaning currently rebirth is not unbeatable, steal ward, earthquake, pierce, and life drain all either get passed the absorb or take it away. Providing you with the option to get these is making it fair. Preventing people from making effective teams is not making ti fair.

I truely recomend as will hopefully a moderator that you start building some teams. I have a 3 person team counting myself and we work well together and on another alt I have a 4 person team that is just brutal and we are looking forward to PVPing together once we get a little higher to have some more spells.

I understand the fustration of stepping into an arena and getting completely outmatched even though you do everything right. I'm routinely facing people three times my level and I have no chance of victory regardless of the moves I make. In the team battles, make sure you talk to your team, and if they seem competant, add them to friends, so you can build a group of people to draw from when your looking to do PVP