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Ban Fairy Friend from Low level Pvp?

Sep 19, 2010
I believe that low level Player vs Player would be a lot more fun and actually player against player if either 1. Pets with Fairy Friend were not allowed in it or 2. If the cast rate for it was set to 0. The high cast rate of fairy friend at a level where it heals over half of your health makes it insanely overpowered; I've had to take out my own fairy pet to stand a chance against a shield stack and let pet heal until you can use a huge hit tactic. It especially doesn't feel fair towards those who don't have a pet with the talent, since they have to waste two pips on a fairy that heals less at a level where you don't really get any power pips; you have to kill in one hit (and with shielding and good resist, that sure isn't happening), or just hope they're having a really bad day and don't get many casts. Spritely at least spreads out the healing so that a combo has a chance of killing anyway, but with a 480 block heal that goes twice fairly often, that doesn't really work.

10 death warlord, 30-2

Mar 14, 2009
Thanks man, I highly agree, sprite is one thing and can probably be tolerated but pixie? It should at least cost the owner pips or be extremely limited in use (1 time)