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Balance School

Sep 30, 2018
The balance school in a nutshell is quite broken at max level pvp. I know, i know I'm not coming back here to talk about how busted lore is and why 8/10 balance mains have it in their deck in pvp, rather am here to explain the real reason behind balance effectiveness and why i believe balance should be tune down a bit. The number one effectiveness of the balance school, is having multiple access to battle control utilities. Now, i get that's suppose to be a balance thing, but how much control does a balance need to determine the outcome of a match? And if pvp is suppose place under some type of atmosphere of fairness, why do i feel like balance have the ability to be one step ahead of all schools. Too many balance mains are abusing the one of many good spells they have in their disposition right now only because of,"if it works its good" mindset hence the lore spamming, which to be honest can be their major downfall at times.

Aside from this, with being the only school that are unable to fizzle a 90% accuracy weakness, who can stack weakness with lore on top of weakness, while having the ability to dish out heavy damage, with spells that give some form of utility, i think this personally boarded the thin line between actual balance and broken. Take a look at supernova and mana burn specifically. Both are considered control type spells that punishes the opponent from making setups without any form of counter-play, that would effectively push them on par without any careful planning. Its not only annoying to deal with, but it also becomes totally unfair when a balance can not only deal damage for it, specifically "supernova", balance can still retain their own aura. What other school can punish you for a may-cast aura other than balance? the answer is simple, none. If someone bought that $20 bucs or whatever pay to win may-cast brace card which thank god they can be remove and re-applied it seems crazy a balance can abuse supernova in a situation like that.

Mana burn on the other hand, and i have been stressing this out alot of times the amount of pips being taken is very controversial towards the card stated fact. That it suppose to take 3 pips but can take as much as 6 pips if all the opponent has is 3 power pips which is technically 6 pips. Which also goes towards cards that cast 3 pips and takes 2 power pip to cast which is something I will discus on another topic later on. So moving on into more utility spells, another one that comes to mind is the three minion card balance gets from the clock work summoning minion card for 4 pips. Here is whats been kind of bugging me recently, most warlords likes to sacrifice some pips to summons minions and im one of them, but the question is why have the other minion at 5 pips where locked away from pvp? Why are the low summoning minions are literally worst for some school but only good for fire, balance and ice and even myth talos? Why is life, storm and death being left out? This balance minion summoning can be a real nuisance if you don't get rid of it as soon as possible. It also comes with 10 possible spells it could cast with 5 being totally 0 pips in cost, that not only benefits its user more than any other minion summoning but adds extra utility cards on a school already backed up by so much utility of its own.

Gaze of fate is another one to add to the mix and am not quite sure on why a spell that not only does 1100 damage in double hit ,but also has the ability to change an already place bubble on the battle field for free. Did i also mention that balance can really make you go down the fizzle road if they wanted to by chaining black mantle and lore? especially with the clock work minion summoning. You can actually use tc mantle when minion uses mantle to get a -95% accuracy de-buff on your opponent for and here's the joke of it all it cost "ZERO PIPs!" now that's the icing on the cake right there and i bet not too many balance try to use this to their advantage.

So just to sum this up, i think i named 7 potential control utility spells balance has and am quite sure balance has many more such as shields of their own that can stack on top of -50% and 55% tower shields, not like its needed anyway but easily achievable. In conclusion these are just one of the many few spells that contributes to balance brokeness in pvp atm, and i seriously believe something has to be done about it if the balance school would be even classified as balance.