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Balance PVP and ideas

May 30, 2011
Hey guys I am a balance wizard now in the first age pvp I think I did pretty good with judgement and that but now I am horrible. I am often killed easily. I think part of it is doesn't have a card that pierces there blade or steal. Also defenses. Balance only has two heals (Availing hands and Helping hands) and there shields only do 50 percent. Also I think it is time they come out with new dungeon with good armour, like the waterworks. It is time they come out with a new set and that in order to get it you need to beat a dungeon. You should be able to get a new pet too from a quest. Like a sabertooth pet or a Spinysaur pet, and so on. I think they should also add the ability to dye your hair. I remember I was just a kid when I made my balance right when the game game out, I had orange hair and really small green eyes and I HATE IT

Flint (86 Socerer)
One in a Million

Aug 28, 2010
Yep, one of my players still has Green hair and green eyes..... would be nice to change that.
I like the idea of a Saber Tooth pet, that is a great idea, hey KI think about this plz.
As far as new Gear for Balance, I think the crafted gear, blended with the waterworks gear
works well. Balance is a beast in PvP, not that they win every battle, but they normally do well.
Yeah, if they get stuck second, the odds are against them in most upper battles, but that's normal.

Is PvP much harder in the Second Arc, Yes, for sure, no question about it.
Are the players loaded with better skills, and strats, Yes, again no question.
So, in the second arc, you are going to get hit with harder battles right from the start,
cause a lot of the players were already warlords before.

So, I got a few questions for you......
1. Do you have Samurai or Savage Paw, you really need one or the other...
2. Do you use Mana Burn, it's one of Balance's best spells for control?
3. Do you use Super Nova, for the 2 pips, it can do over 1000 damage enchanted?
4. Do you have feint in your deck, it's required for Jade Players, only way to get enough damage?
5. Do you have at least 85% pips, 60% damage, and plus 10% accuracy, these are minimum imo.

Yeah, the second arc is a bear to pvp in, but you got one of the best wizard in the game for it.

Aug 26, 2011
I totally agree that we maybe could at least change our hair :/ (even though i wear the martlet or whatever right now) and as for veracity's post, is samoorai even really that good? i have savage, (hence the name) but i've thought about crafting sam and it seems kinda weak. since i have a life mastery i would much rather get luminous weaver for the weakness. also i am level 71 right now, how am i supposed to go all the way to feint with death? all these sun enchants and no room for anything else ( i took life to satyr and ice to tower)

thanks for listening! Gabriel ashcaller, level 71 sorcerer
"when the judge appears, may it deem your opponent guilty."