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balance is FAR from cheating

Apr 18, 2010
rozovoeushko wrote:
rocketmann wrote:
Hello all that hate balance. we have a pretty weak school, the only thing that makes it power full is feints and goo clothes. now if you want to win, i know my weakness. if some one hits me with a power full spell i wast my pips healing. and when you put on tower shields we can only get so much out of you guys. no our shields are only 50- so we have weak shields as well. now a note to all my fellow balance, we are NOT cheating. we are doing what every one else does. trying to win. so every one that has a problem learn how to pvp and get over the cheating bit got it? thanks all Sand sword :D

WEAK!!!!! it isnt weak. all balance people kill people with judgement in one or two hits! do you call that weak! for the rest of the schools they have to wait like a million turns to get their spells ready! plus balance shields them like crazy so it is like IMPOSSIBLE to kill balance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i say that balance is the third strongest school :?

i no, really people that think balance is weak got it way wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!