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balance cheats in pvp

Feb 02, 2010
I do not agree that cheats. Judgement is just their ultimate spell, like Heckhound and Tempest. I suggest you use shields in your pvp match, you might not get your butt kicked next time!

Btw, practice makes perfect

Nov 26, 2010
The Dream Eater Pr... on Jan 26, 2013 wrote:
Dude, we dont wont our Judgment spell revoked. there are ways to block the Judgment spell. And fyi,Balance does not cheat. you cant even cheat in this game anyway. If Judgment is a way to cheat, which it isnt, other spells would count as cheating to.

Erica ShadowRunner lvl 85 Balance~over and out
Yup, Judgement is not a way to cheat. I've encountered a journeyman conjurer using medusa anyway. It's just a powerful move
-Kenneth PvP Commander