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Balance becomes a great foe.

Jun 04, 2009
I've been battling in the PvP a lot more often and i noticed a trend with the other players. Balance has become a lot more popular now, and they seem to have an easy time in competition. I've seen the same pattern when they use their spells and I still can't win.

First they cast multiple sheilds out in front of themselves, gaining as many power pips as they can, and also casting spells that weaken their aponents attack. Its a perfect way to keep safe, I have a lot of proplems trying to get past their defenses. Well when they gain a full set of pips, they cast a spell that gives 100 damage for each pip, and i lose.

I've learned to spot this trick before its too late; however I find it impossible to defend myself anyway. I'm not sure if they have a balance sheild out, but it would be very helpfull to have one. I know they have atleast two diffrent defense shilds in the ice deck, and one in the life deck that could help, but they are easily destroyed before i can even get my next spell in. Is it really a full proof plan? or should i be looking at this a diffrent way?

Mar 07, 2010
if you want a way to stop this go to myth and earthquake removes all shields and charms leaving them vulnerable to attacks I don't really pvp so doesn't bother me telling you

lvl 50 balance

Apr 10, 2010
you should fight me I'm a balance wizard and i have some great balance spells to protect me and a powerful pet card called Godzilla

May 31, 2009
You will find the three top schools in PvP in order are balance,myth, and ice. As for defnding against balance attacks, judgement in particular, youcan cast weakness, high tower, aborbs, steal charm, or remove charm. These will weaken their attack not to mention they must wait to build up their attack, depending on you class this should allow you to shield yourself and/or to set up at least two 6pip attacks.

Here are some school tips for fighting balance;

fire- use something weak that attacks over turns like a fire elf to remove any shields then with just blades and maybe wildfire use helephant

storm- removing shields is nothing new to these players strike early and often, my suggestion darkwind and krakens or storzillas(storm elves if you can get them) kill them quick or force them to heal

ice- ice shield at least 5 power pips in addition to your regular high tower shields, set your self up to do two attacks. The first obviously is frost touch to remove shiels then lay into him big bad and mean.

death-don`t wait set up poison with a wraith follow up if you can time it right place a fient right after poison and before wraith.

myth- this is easy earthquake followed by a minatuar or orthus, dont forget to double your blades first and place time of legend.

life- this is an example of where a life person needs to think like a storm person; attack, attack, attack. if you have high tower shields use them but otherwise the clock is ticking lay into your opponent quick and hard use small spells to remove shields and centuars to bring the pain. balance can kill in one shot so healing is not an option.

balance- make sure you kill when you attack or you will wish you had. balance vs balance is a race in which one pip instead of a power pip could mean the match. you could try attacking with a hydra or spectral blast or a combination of both, but every balance person knows "one shot one kill"

All schools- you have read my opinions above but one final piece of advice for 1v1 against balance minions, I know some of your minions are worthless without a minion to attack (storm for example; their minion just taunts), but minions tear down shields, lay traps, lay blades, and usaully take 4 pips to kill. They are a distaction to your opponent he cannot ignore.

If your going into the areana you need to be prepared for anything, play to your strengths, come prepared to remove obsticales to your attacks, and finally in the areana your fighting people who don`t want to lose. These people will stun you, use wild bolt, summon minions, use treasure cards they got from their higher level characters, and sometimes they may just beat you the old fashion way with blades traps and a big attack card. You cannot win everytime but you should be able to find a way to win most of the time.

Jan 17, 2010
well there are more than tower shields that can ruin a judgement any of theses treasure or real can work to block balance: tower shield of course
then there is ice armor and spirit armor and if anyone is to lazy to train up to spirit shield blame yourself when you lose to balance......
ciao for now!
Hunter Hexheart level 28 sorcerer