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balance 101

Nov 27, 2009
i here balance weak balance that.. judge this judge that .. here is some help for balance as Grand Ice,Storm,and Balance i have put together something to help my fellow balance out

Fair grounds,ever heard of it become very familiar with it, its your sanctuary.screw secondary defense ftw! Go load up on all types of shields ..also this helps alot when facing friends ect..if you know what there class is get a few treasures shields they are cheap .. Treasure cheating for sake NO! forsaking an losing is stupid.

Treasure noob ,,shield noob,, cheater ect,wipe it off seriously..they lost who won you die laugh an move on. go to emote and even take a bow.

towers shields lol i laugh as ice i make treasure steal wards lol think i will hit you with a wand spell be serious cast a tower its mine thankyou..use your other accounts as well as good friends for a benefit.

Treasures are your friend you like them they like you so use them .Oh you treasure cheater you noob,,um i won lol the game makes it use it .. cheating would be using something the game dont make so get with the program or guess what dont pvp

If you want a challenge face a real opponent ,if you a poor sport put a level limit to your match or find someone who doesnt know how to play so you can feel powerful

Secret shop ,,, if you dont have the advantage i do with having a ice to make the steal wards there is still hope.. if they cast a tower trained it or not that spell is still ice .. go get a melt it will cause them to fizzle as soon as you see ice go for the win!(the shop is on colossus to left of mindy)

Mander =waste why use tree pips stick to the plan an kill ,when i pvp i make you play my fight i dont play yours.i carry 4 different kinds of the same shield variation atleast guess what i think you should too

hope this helps

Brandon,GrandMaster Ice ,Balance ,Storm

Nov 27, 2009
also cause i do like to add to this,Fire elf is a awesome cheap card for tearing down towers so its a good buy or a good learned spell,as i think of it i will add more