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Bad PvP spam

Jan 30, 2014
A PvP issue is spamming. Just this afternoon (Feb 26) I was in PvP with a level 80 storm, level 110 storm, Me (level 54 fire), and a level 68 life. The other team was an 80 death, 40 life, and that's all I remember. The girl (level 80 death) had max resist (about 17 attack damage with no shields). It was insane! The match lasted about an hour. Because the other team spammed regenerate (the healing tree, Bartleby, gives absorb shield and 1200 health with boost), a death spell where it hurts you to give opponent -90% attack damage, storm shields (including my type due to being ice spell, -70%), tower shield, storm shield (-80%), life dispel (on the life school guy), the spell where it hurts you for 3 pips, and cloak (sorry I don't know the names of these spells). These were soon expected by my team for every turn. The death girl (I think her name was Haley Rose) spammed it non stop and every time the level 110 on my team got rid of them, they spammed more and more. He had a point where he had over 10 on him. This isn't my problem, I'm defending him. He was unable to attack because she also blocked most of his critical shots. With the life dispel, they spammed it on the life school so he couldn't heal once they had killed the 110. The life tree, as I call it, was spammed when one member died, giving them absorb for almost every turn of the match. Tower shield was spammed by a guy's pet! Every single time I used multi attack (fire) his pet would steal a turn and do the spell where everyone gets -35% attack damage for any type (shield). Cloak turned into a balance blade for themselves (+30 attack damage) every time. And when my teammate used Insane Bolt the guy he used it on had the angel wings so he didn't miss a turn. Storm shields were spammed because somehow they knew half my team was storm (possibly looking on the queue?). The three pips spell was used to get more pips for regenerate. This was all because they got to go first. The 110 would have a great attack planned with many storm blades on him, and then. -90% attack damage. So, that's all I really have to say because they did end up winning after the use of Triton, and Storm Lord (675 attack + stun to all). I was the second to last standing because they broke my one tower shield and killed me and my other teammate. All I'm saying, is how do I avoid this? It was so unfair! (ps, I cast a fire blade on myself, and the guy's pet took a turn and broke it, skipping 's turn. He never actually went.)


~ Alexis Walker, level 54