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Bad luck?, possibly. Unacceptable, absolutely

Feb 29, 2012
I am and when it comes to pvp i am extremely unlucky i'm sort of the type of person full of casts due to many terrible pvp incidents. and i am completely tired of this "bad luck". an example is i have 197 storm block give or take a few points and storms with 278 get past it with complete ease and i have 313 critical and storms block it with complete ease as well and the second storm had 68 and he blocked me several times he only didnt block me on the second sandstorm that didnt have colossal, other wise i never got past his block. Same thing with bolts they always hit the thousand on me, and so on with insane bolt. I have done pvp a lot but not obsessively. I have gone from waterworks to crafted to crowns to farming and so on. My pet is something i have never perfected i've never gotten sprite, fairy once on my ice along with defy other then that my only may casts are weakness and balance blade and unicorn. I know there is nothing wizard101 can do about this but i think it should be known that these things are occuring almost as if programmed to me. the critical and block issue has happend twice already maybe more because i only ever check the storms block and critical. but i think something should be done about this because i simply find it unfair. as for my stats: 65 balance damage, 33 resist to all spiritual classes and 13 resist to all over schools,19 accuracy for balance, 313 critical, 197 storm block 210 ice block 201 fire block 145 block to all other schools, 70 powerpips 23 outgoing 8 incoming those are my stats and those were all my inconveniences that are starting to look suspicious to me.

Mar 07, 2011
Wall of text. TLDR (Too long didn't read).

In the future you might try some kind of formatting for your thoughts, like paragraphs for example.